Monday, 15 November 2010


Good afternoon [well it was when l posted this hahaha]

Well have had a great weekend crafting, the new card l have designed and used almost 3 ink pads on has almost been finished. It is just hanging out to dry at the moment. It took on a happy trip or for someone who is going to start a new life somewhere else.

Have taken delivery of my Xyron Creative Station, first reports from me well its FAB!!! no more spray glue for me, the cardboard box booth can now be retired and l can have my fingers back and not have 5 layers of sticky bits of glue attatched to them.

Sat was a day of bringing back old memories, l found all my pure wool balls... [l dont think 2 match but hey hoe]. So l have started to knit myself a scarf using the Moss Stitch and all these different balls of wool. Thankfully there are a lot of the same colour family.

The web site has been getting kind words swaid about it so thats a bit plus and today l had my first paper download. As they say from small acorn big big oak trees grow.

I hope you all have had a good time crafting and each project has been a good one for you all.

Keep smiling and happy crafting


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