Monday, 17 April 2017

Holliewood Studio - MISCHIEF MESSES v9.1. Brand NEW Digital Kit

Well Well Well.... Can you believe it that Hollie from Holliewood Studios has brought us volume no 9.. YES VOLUME No.9.

I cant believe that its up to this figure and so soon.... I mean its not as if Hollie brings to us the crafting community a digital kit every week.. It's more like every month meaning almost a year has gone by, In between as we all know Hollie has brought us a Monthly collaboration as well as other kits that have a different feel about them.

The great thing about kits from Holliewood Studio's is that you are able to mix and match no matter what kit you are using.

Elements from say MM vol.2 has elements or a backing paper.. Overlay that's going to bring elements from vol. 6 and 9 up to life and make the project just snap with creativity.

There is also a NEW Font that has been designed for you to use ... Its not a True Type font but one that you can drag and drop letters to create words or phrases.

To have a look at this kit just click on the link below:

To have a look at the Papers that go with this kit:

To have a look at what Hollie has brought to the creative community:

>>>>>>>>>>CLICK ON THIS LINK<<<<<<<<<<

Have fun!!!

Project No.1

Project No.2

Project No.3

Project No.4

Project No.5

Project No.6

Project No.7

I said that l was not going to do another image using this digital kit... BUT! Something made me get onto the computer and to make another project.. I could say The Devil made me do it but l cant this kit has inspired me it also helps that the new layout kits l bought have also helped me to be creative. If you want to know more then head over to:


Just click on the title above and go over to the site.. ITS AMAZING if you want to take your design work to the next level or LEVELS!

Right back to this Blog Posting.. Here is No8 below. But this time lm going to WALK AWAY from this... Saying that l have a new toy coming tomorrow.. If your good l will tell you All about it.

Right then heading off the sewing machine is calling my name.

Project No.8

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Holliewood Studios... A BRAND NEW KIT SHINE ON 1

Its  that time of the month when all the designers get together and under 1 theme they bring their take on said theme and under l big umbrella your going to get such a lot of different ideas.

I have had to step back from being a member of Deb's Design Team.

l want to take this opportunity to thank her for ALL her support as well as being there when a total stranger who she has never met had some things going on in my life. Deb's had big issues of her own with bringing an very young baby who they were going to look after as the babies mother had problems and couldn't care for her chile.

This is the kind of person that Deb's is.. So l wish her all the very best for the future both personal as well as professional. Who knows one day when lm able l might knock on that door and come back into her team.

Now then why have l left Deb's team I hear you ask?... Well l found that l couldn't give her designs the care and attention that she needed. I was not able to commit myself to working on her designs every week.

Hollie on the other hand tends to be once a month meaning l have time to chase my own designs and creative projects.

So lets have a look at what Hollie is bringing to us this month... Its a underwater themed package. Lots of mermaids..Shells..Jellyfish.. corals.. and the selection of Papers.. WOW they are going to be so useful for our summer projects.

Just click on the link below to be taken to the site and have a look at what the other members of the team have created as well as the complete package that's there ready to be added to your collection.

This time the Papers are on a separate link so l have added that one as well.

BE Creative with this kit as well as ALL the other kits you may have from Holliewood Studios and other designers.

This is a complete MIX and Match Kit!

Project No.1

Project No.2

Project No.3

Monday, 20 March 2017


I have found an art form that allows me to embrace BOTH sides of my creativity.

On one hand you have mixed media and the other you have fabrics.

I have a degree in Design BA[hons] as well as a Degree in Textile/Surface Design BA[hons].

I remember way way back when l was doing my textile degree course we were allowed out of the class room [all armed with notes saying we could hehehehehe] So off we went to see this exhibition. Now this is where l say sorry but time has passed and names have been forgotten. However while l was at this exhibition way back in 2002 l came across these wall hangings that had be done by this Japanese artist and instead of ink and pen she used a sewing machine to make her marks...

I WAS BLOW AWAY by the creativity as well as the depth of tonal range.. She made a swing machine come alive.

It is only now some XXXXXX years later that l am now embarking on a creative journey that's going to be done armed with my trust sewing machines and some fabrics.

I hope that you like what you see and please feel free to leave me a message about this page or anything you may see in my blog.

Thanks for reading...

Monday, 6 March 2017

Holliewood & The Gang all get together again!

Well its that time of the month again when ALL the collaborators that are @ Mischief Circus get together and under one theme they bring their own take on it.

To also have a double whammy!

There is a BRAND NEW Designer who has joined the Creative Gang called 'SONGBIRDY' So check out what they bring to the table . Just click on the name to open up a new window so you can see what been brought forward so far from them.

Right lets get back to Hollie and what she is bringing to the table. This kit is a very fresh summery feel kit. Saying that she has not lost that 'Grunge feel' with the papers. They would fit into any design or project you may want to be doing.

To have a look at this kit just click on the link below....

Here are a few project that l have been creating using just elements of this kit... [well 90% l may have added one or two elements from other kits by Holliewood Studios or my own stash]




Who said that Older People in our lives and the Younger People in our lives cant be colour co-ordinated. I went with the same coloured cotton item and placed a design upon them both!

Monday, 6 February 2017

Brand NEW Digital Kit from: Holliewood called Fantastical 1

After a short break away Hollie has brought us a NEW Digital Kit that has the SteamPunk ero/feel about it.

There is also several papers that are going to help you create that special project or if your int Card.. Scrapbooking then please dont feel as if your being left out..

These elements are going to be just the thing to create those MALE PROJECTS that a lot of crafters have problems with and they have to settle for an image of a car.. Rugby/Football player. You know what lm talking about you see them stood on the mantle place or side table.. its a very lack lustered approach especially when you think about the cards we give out to the women/girls in our lives.

Hey dont think lnm just thinking these images are for men.


I know lots of Ladies that would LOVE to get a SteamPunk image card on that special day. I have even seen Wedding's been given this treatment.

So dont think that you cant do it.. YOU CAN DO IT! In the creative world there is NOTHING YOU CANT DO thats if you have the right tools, The right imagery.... and the right celebration.

To have a look at this kit just click on the link below to open up a new window. Then when yoyu have had a look just click the X in the top right corner and you have not lost this original page so your able to continue on your journey hopefully reading my blog.

If there is anything you want to know about anything you have seen or read on this blog blease send me a message and l will get back to you as soon as possible.

A BIG THANKS from ME!!!! 



PROJECT No.3 +3a.

Monday, 30 January 2017

DKERKHOF Designs: WISTFUL 1 + 2 Digital kits

Well Deb's has brought us a collection of two new digital kits. The theme is very red  so you can guess what holiday period is going to be right here before we can wink and take a deep breath..

To have a look at these kits just click on the link below to go to the On-Line Digital Shop that showcases Deb's designs.

Your in for a nice treat when you do click on the link. Deb's brings us wonderful art doll that will be able to be mixed and matched .. Your not faced with buying something that is just for 1 purpose. These are far from it. Kits created 6 years ago will be workable with kits created in 6 months time!

To pop over the DKERKHOF On-Line_Digital-Store..........

Happy Creating..... Oh  and if you would like to share any projects you have created using kits from Deb's collection or elements from Deb's collections please send me a photo and l will put it on the blog along with your name. [I will watermark your photo so no one can 'Borrow' it!

Project No.1

Project No. 1a

Project No.2

Monday, 23 January 2017

A NEW Kit from Dkerkhof Designs ~ DECONSTRUCTION ART #13

Well Deb's has done it again.. she has brought us another 'add' on but also 'stand alone' kits.,

The meaning of this is that your able to use the kit as it is just use the elements that are here, or.. your going to add this kit into ALL the other DeconstructionArt kits that Deb's has brought us over the past few months making 1 GREAT BIG digital collection..

Why not head over to the on-line shop and have a good look at all of the kits available.. Saying that if you have some time on your hands why not just look through some of the postings l have done and your able have a look @ what l have created using elements from these kits.

To have a look @ this kit just click on the link below and a new window will open up taking you directly to Deb's on line shop.

Have fun whatever you do.

If you would like to show me and also fellow creative friends across the internet world then send me a photo I will water mark it and then upload it to this site so the internet can see what you have done. Please can l ask 1 thing/

When creating a project to upload on my blog PLEASE use @ least 75% of elements from Deb's collections. They can be from ANY kit that you may have bought.

THANK-YOU and Happy creating..



Monday, 16 January 2017

Holliewood Studios ~ ART DOLLIES 6.1

I hope 2017 is going to be a wonderful year for you filled with happy memories and new adventures undertaken when you feel the time is right.
To those who are facing the new year with some slight or BIG concerns.... I hope that my words of support will be even a small lever in making that life journey that your going through or about to face . Please dont think your alone.. Sending hugs and ALL the best wishes your able to carry...

Now then what goodies are going to be brought forwards to us this year? We know that Hollie from Holliewood Studios is going to give us the tools to be creative and to be able to have the freedom to experiment...

So what if it doesnt work!


Ask yourself why did it go wrong? What could l have done to make it right?  We are at the moment talking Digital..

What have you lost? So maybe a hour or so BUT LEARN FROM WHATS GONE WRONG!!!

Explore the internet and that wonderful space called YouTube... There are people on there that have gone through what you have and have uploaded a response to that so this will enable you to learn from them and then bringing it into your own creative projects..


You could ask someone like ME!

I may not know everything but two minds make the work load lighter so to speak. If l dont know whats happened then we can ask the wider creative community....

Right then THE 1st kit from HOLLIEWOOD STUDIOS... This one is called Art Dollies 6.1 and its filled with LOADS of digital goodies that are going to help you play and expand your creativity.

To have a look at this kit and Papers click on the link below to open up a new page on your computer/laptop etc..

Below l have upload a few of mys creative designs l have done using this kit.




Monday, 9 January 2017

Debbie Kerkhof Collectibles Set's ~ DECONSTRUCTED ART 10 & 11

I hope 2017 is a year filled with lots of happy times and memories...

Now then what has Deb's got for us in 2017... To start off she had brought up set 10 in the ever expanding collection called Deconstruction Art. They all build up together and your able to mix and match.

By building up in compact segments your not over faced with to much. Sometimes having to much can make you feel over powered. HOWEVER knowing that items from kit 10 is going to fit in with elements from Kit 4 and Kit 7 your able to build up your project.

To have a look at this kit before you click on the  'Put this in my shopping bag please....'  also your able to see some of the samples that the design team have made giving you some ideas and suggestions.

There is no such thing as copying in the creative world... What it is called is Being empowered by what you have seen and then placing your own spin on the project...

To have a look at the kit just click on the link below... It will open up a new window in your search engine.

Below are some samples of what l have created using elements from this kit and some of the other kits under the banner of Deconstruction Art



Monday, 2 January 2017

Dkerkhof Designs Digital Kit~ Part of the New Collab Kit from Mischief Circus

Here is the digital offerings from Dkerkhof Designs. This will be the first collaboration for the new year.. 2017.

The aim of this collaboration is that under a theme all the designers bring their own take.

Each designer brings something completely different as there are no two of the same which means you have a wonderful eclectic collection of Digital imagery.

To have a look at this kit see the link below:

Below are my own take on how your able to use the kit. Plus bringing elements from the designer's back catalogue of creativity.



NEW Kit for 2015 ***** Holliewood Studios ~ MM117 CHRYSALIS 01

Lets have a BIG Digital kit to start the New year off with...

Here Hollie has brought us a wonderful kit to start the NY off with.....

This kit is a collective kit .. meaning that there is no real standard of imagery.

There is a Religious image that's going to be perfect for those Easter cards.. Followed by some vegetation and the overlays that Hollies kits excel at...

Oh and the PAPERS are just going to be perfect for those base layers in your Wet mixed media projects.. Print them out and then rip them to shreds.. your then going to have some paper strips that are going to build you a wonderful base. In fact l think l might make a video just doing this.

Starting a new project can sometimes be the hardest part about it.. Making that first step... well looks like we are going to cross that one off the list ..

To have a look at this kit just click on the links below...

To have a look at the Digital Kit: >>>>>>>>>> CLICK HERE <<<<<<<<<<

To have a look at the Papers: >>>>>>>>>> CLICK HERE <<<<<<<<<<

Have fun... Below are some projects l have created using elements from this kit.



Project No.3

Monday, 26 December 2016

DECONSTRUCTION ART No.8 'Lilli-Blossom Moonsparkle by Dkerkhof Designs

Deb's has brought us another in the Deconstruction Art collection.

These build up together and will mix and match so bringing you one nice big collection thats going to cover a lot of your creative digital projects .

Dont forget your able to re-size them and then print the imagery out and do some wet mixed media work with them like l have done in the past,,,

There is even a video on my YouTube Channel...

To have a look at this kit just click on the link below.....

>>>>>>>>>> JUST CLICK HERE <<<<<<<<<<

Have a lot of fun....

Here are a few designs from me to help get your creative sparkle ready.

As with ALL of my posts if there is something you want to know PLEASE ASK...

Oh and there is no such things as a stupid/daft question....

Trust me l have put my hand up and asked an awful lot in my time.

I have a voice so l used it there were lots of others who would just sit there wanting to ask but they didnt have the confidence to put up their hands..

So PLEASE dont be one of those in the shadows..

PUT YOUR VERY CREATIVE HAND in the air and ask away..



Monday, 19 December 2016

DECONSTRUCTION ART No.6 ~ A NEW Extension Digital Kit by Dkerkhof Designs

Deb's from Dkerkhof Designs has brought out No.6 in the Deconstruction Art Series.

These kits are made to build up 1 big BIG collection. Items from digital kit 2 will go with items from 5 or 6.

To have a look at this kit click on the link below to open up a new window:

The first project l have created is just using a few elements from Kit 6. The other projects are constructed using elements from other of the Deconstruction Kit compilation.

Let your creativity free.. Have a lot of fun with these elements.....



Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Brand New Kit called DECONSTRUCTION ART No.5 from Dkerkhof Designs

Debs has brought us another kit in the Deconstruction Art Series.. This is No.5 and will fit in with all the other design sets.

If you would like to get your creative hands on this kit l have placed a link below so that when you click on it a new window will open directly showing you what has been done along with showing you what elements are involved.

This time there are no papers.. But ALL the papers that you may have from Deb's kits and your own will fit in perfectly.

To have a look at this kit:  >>>>>>>>>> CLICK HERE <<<<<<<<<<

Have fun...



Thursday, 8 December 2016

New Digital Kit from Holliewood Studio's called POLISHED No.1

This time round Hollie has brought us a collection of digital imagery showcasing of all products NAIL POLISH!

Not just your run of the mill nail polish but that bright vibrant polish with that hint of sparkle about it.

Let your imagination run wild with this.. Its the perfect add-on to your already existing digital kits.

To have a look at this kit which also includes several very mind blowingly bright background papers. Saving you all that hassle of mixing wet paint into swirls.

To have a look at this kit just click on the link below:

Happy creating...



Monday, 14 November 2016

Having a bit of FUN!!

Its been a while now that l have always wanted to design Tee-shirt's.

So much so l think l can trace it back to when l did my Textile/Surface Design Degree back in the early 2000's.

However it was not seen to be the done thing and l went on to do a final submission that l was not fully proud of.

In hinds sights l should have followed my heart and done 1 of the two things l wanted to do. One was tee-shirts and the other was ... DRUM ROLL PLEASE......

Scuplptural corsets.. Made from Barbed wire and steel.. I dont think they would ever get worn but as a work of art l think they would have looked good. HEY HOE!

Anyway l was sat at my desk while l had a few moments where l was able to think without being in to much discomfort and pain [very long story l would wait of the bio...] I decided that l was going to try and design some tee-shirts. If they work then great if now what have l lost but a few $ in buying templates etc.

So here is my first offering... I hope you like..

A NEW Digital ART DOLL Kit from Dkerkhof Designs called: STEPPIN OUT......

Here is a new kit from Deb's @ Dkerkhof Designs... this time its just a collection of Art Dolls.. Made up as well as in seperate elements so that your able to build up your own doll.

These kits are multi purposed... Your able to bring a doll that you have created into ANY project as l hope to show with my projects on this page.

You can NEVER have enough sets ... Sometimes if your careful and take your time will some editing in a photographic program like Photoshop..... GIMP 2... Inkscape [the last 2 are FREE!] you then also have programs like Craft Artist and Magic Memories [there are other programs out there].

These programs able to modify your Art Doll elements.

Just always remember if you are going to amend anything ALWAYS and l MEAN ALWAYS do A COPY  

There is 9 times out of 10 a simple keyboard short cut when you want to do a copy.

1. Select the item you want to copy
2. Press Ctrl + C
3. Press Ctrl = V

Then the item will appear on a new layer.

If you want to get into Digital Work then try GIMP2 or Inkscape. There are lots of videos on You Tube that will show you how to do lots of things.

However if you want to start to build up your Digital Collection and you have been buying collections from Dkerkhof Designs @ Mischief Circus as well as other Designers who are there.. I would suggest look out for Craft Artist 2 see if there is a sale on their web site and buy this program. It is a very good handy program aimed at the person who wants to get more involved with Digital Design Projects. I my self have in the past used this program however now a days all my work is done with Photoshop2017.

To have a look at This Art Doll Kit click on this link: >>>>>>>>>> CLICK HERE <<<<<<<<<<

Have FUN!!!!!

Project No. 1

RING THOSE BELLS....... A BRAND New Christmas Kit From Holliewood Studios ~ FLIGHT OF FANCY 1

Ring those bells.. its time to get out all your glitter... baubles..... ribbon..... Its time to build those cards ready to be sent out to all those on your list...

Hollie has brought us some Christmas elements that are going to help you make those cards. Your going to be able to take them to another level.

Just click and drag if thats an option or click and say place...

Build up a story.. you dont just have to SIMPLE ANY MORE!!!!! Your going to make cards that go on the fire place mantle ... on display for EVERYONE to see then ask 'Oh where did ****** Get this card from its very good!'... the reply... 'Oh ****** Made it ... isnt it good?'

Have some Festive FUN!!!

To have a look at this kit >>>>>>>>>> CLICK HERE <<<<<<<<<<

Project No.1

Project No. 2

Thursday, 10 November 2016

New TOOL BOX Kits from Hollie @ Holliewood Studios

This time round Hollie has brought us a collection of ADD-ON's that are going to give you the tools to enhance your projects.

Im sometimes called the King of Layering when it comes to the Design Teams that l create projects for. I love layering giving depth to a project and they to use layer styles and build up what could be a flat image into one that your always looking at and noticing different things.

These are the Basic's of any Digital designer.


To have a look @ Tool box #4 Photo Masks: >>>>>>>>>> CLICK HERE <<<<<<<<<<

To have a look @ Tool Box #5 Page Drips: >>>>>>>>>> CLICK HERE <<<<<<<<<<

To have a look @ Tool Box #6  Buildings: >>>>>>>>>> CLICK HERE <<<<<<<<<<

To have a look @ Tool Box #7 Papers: >>>>>>>>>> CLICK HERE <<<<<<<<<<

To have a look @ Tool Box #8 Snippets: >>>>>>>>>> CLICK HERE <<<<<<<<<<

As they say Knock yourself out getting to use these elements...

Project No. 1

Project No.2

Wednesday, 9 November 2016


This time from Deb's we are getting 2 different Art Dolls kits. This time round NO PAPERS..... Its just figures that your able to use in your creative project.

There are figures as per norm,

However there are separate apparels both Skirts & Tops.

Then you have different leg shapes so that with the separate heads your able to make your own Art Doll.

Have a lot of fun being creative with these kits.

To have a look @ the CORDELIA Art Doll Kit: >>>>> CLICK HERE <<<<<

To have a look @ the DOLLS IN PIECES Art Doll Kit: >>>>> CLICK HERE <<<<<

If you would like to share what projects you have created then please send them to me [jpeg please] l will add a water mark if you are not able to make your own.


Project No. 1

Project No.2