Monday, 4 December 2017

Another Collaboration from Mischief Circus Team ~ Here are HOLLIEWOOD Studio's Digital Offerings

Its that time of the month as well as that time of the year when you start to think about 'Well what shall l design and construct for this year's christmas cards?'

Thankfully we have on hand wonderful designers that are going to help us. For example we have Holliewood Studios. This time round not only giving us some wonderful Festive scene background papers we also have a set of lights that can be used in conjunction with ALL your other festive/Holiday or Everyday digital elements.

To have a look at the Digital Elements:

To have a look at the Papers/Backgrounds:

To visit the shoppe and look @ ALL the Digital Goodies from the co-op of designers:

Below l have uploaded a few designs l have been working on. Im kindly allowed to use the elements in my Apparel Design Creative Journey.

I hope that these will inspire you to try out yourself on how to make personalized Tee-shirts etc. Just remember when it comes to printing ALL WAYS REVERSE THE IMAGE! or it will come out back to front and all your hard work will have gone to waste.

Like wise there are companies out there that will also print your designs onto Mugs.. Plates.. Rulers, Pencils etc.. So have a play explore this form of being creative... Give your family and friends that one of a kind tee-shirt etc..

I would like to see what you have created or if there are any questions please send me a message and l will get back to you a.s.a.p.


Project No.1

Project No.2

Project No. 3


Tuesday, 14 November 2017


Its  been a while since l was creative due to 1 thing or another.

Anyway as the eye is healing up and lm feeling a lot better seeing things even thought l still have a patch over 1 eye until l get the OKAY from the surgeon in a few days.

So judging distances can be a little tricky as l have found out while trying to thread a needle hahahahaha

So after spending some time sorting out some folders on the computer l came across what was an old advert in the mid to late 1890's l would think just before they said NO to the corset and it was discarded as a object of fashion.

I saw the text and then a simple image came into my head.. it decided to stay for a while [well it is empty in there at the moment...]

I hope that you like what l have done in a jokey way but also making a statement...

As per normal any questions about what you have seen on my blog send me a message...

Have FUN....

Monday, 6 November 2017

BRAND NEW COLLABORATION KITS.. Holliewood MM1117.............

Its been a few months since l last did a post.

Not to dwell on the situation but the health decided that it needed to be looked after so l ave spent several months in and out of hospital dept.

The H.H.S. here in the UK just cant be faulted. I can only speak for the treatment l have received here in my Town. Its been FIRST CLASS. The waits have been short and when l have been treated the staff have always had a smile on their face and been caring and helpful. For the work they do they deserve triple what they earn at this moment in time.

They should put in the figure they said they would £365 million a WEEK.. or even a month would help a lot of people.

Now then back to this kit... I would call this kit a filler.. Its got lots of elements that will enable you to build a story. To add that last item that you needed to finish that Wedding card or a back ground for a scrapbook page

Speaking of pages... Hollie always brings you some wonderful grunge papers . In some cases photographs of things that she has come across. THEY ARE WONDERFUL and l use them a lot in my design/creative work/projects

To have a look at the KIT: >>>>>>>>>> CLICK HERE <<<<<<<<<<

To have a look at the PAPERS: >>>>>>>>>> CLICK HERE <<<<<<<<<<

To have a look at the Mischief Circus Site: >>>>>>>>>> CLICK HERE <<<<<<<<<<

elow are some projects that l have been working on using 90% elements from this kit. The additions have ALL been items from past kits that Holliewood Studios have brought forwards to us.
Showing that each kit can stand alone as well as working with NOT just kits from Holliewood Studios but also other digital kit providers. Oh and dont forget the creative items that you have also created.....

Thank-you for reading this blog. If there is anything from this page or ANY of the blog pages l have uploaded PLEASE ask me or send me an email using the link provided.


Project No.1

Project No.2

Project No.3

Monday, 4 September 2017

NEW Collaboration Digital Kits Under the Theme of MUSE. Holliewood Studios Offerings

Well its that time of the month again when the designers at Mischief Circus get together and under a theme they place their own spin on things.

This kit with what l have had the privlidge to work with is from Holliewood Studios.

If you click on the links below your going to open up a new window so that you can have a good look at what is on offer.

You will also see some work from Hollies Design Team of which lm proud to say lm a member.

Hollie lets us do what ever we like.

As you may tell l have moved more to more Apparel items as well as bedding and stationary projects.

Just going to show that these items are not just for a paper project.

Saying that while Hollie has a very good Angel Policy. If your going to use one of her designs on a wholesale production just check in with her before you go full steam ahead.

Each designer will have differing Angel Policies. Just like l have in my designs each project is treated as a single working project so just check in and see what the costs will be.

Okay after the heavy stuff  lets get back to being creative.

To have a look at the Main Kit:     >>>>>>>>>> CLICK HERE <<<<<<<<<<

To have a look at the Papers:        >>>>>>>>>> CLICK HERE <<<<<<<<<<

To have a look at the Overlays:    >>>>>>>>>> CLICK HERE <<<<<<<<<<

Below are some of the ideas that l have brought to the table.

Hope you like...

Any questions you know what to do and l will respond a.s.a.i.k.....

Have fun

Remember being creative is so much fun.. even better with a friend, Cup of tea/coffee and a slice of cake!

Project No.1

Project No.2

Project No.3

Monday, 7 August 2017

2017 ~ A BRAND NEW KIT ~ Holliewood Studios MM8 ~ ACCENTS

Oh boy the months are flying past us.. There is no room to sit back and relax before ANOTHER month has passed us by.

Its that time when all the designers get their collective creative brains together and bring their own take on a theme.

Under the THEME of the month called ACCENTS here is Hollie's interpretation.

The kit is filled with lots of interesting design objects that are going to help your own designs go that little bit further.

If you want to have a look at this kit as well as ALL the other kits Hollie has created as well as the on line store where all the designers works are there for you to purchase and to your own collections.

As per usual there are some restrictions in what you can and cant do. I mean if you had spent hours working on something the last thing you want is for someone to come along and then resell that project as their own.

You will find that each artist has their own Do's and Don't's so before you purchase a kit just check on the restrictions of sale as the project your working on might not fit in with their restrictions.

Saying that you will find that most designers allow you to do so much with their work just check in before you spend so much of your time only for it not to be able to be sold etc.

Here are the links:

Below are some samples of what your able to create using elements from these kits.

Now before you go thinking there is a tee-shirt template included lm sorry but thats from my own collection. Just shows what your able to create.....

Have fun and as l always say.....

If there is anything on my blog you want to comment
If there is ANYTHING you want to ask me about what you may have seen or read then.........

Post a comment using the link below or send me an email.

Dont worry there is no such thing as a daft question. Trust me l have asked a lot in my time so dont be shy.
I would also like to see what works you have created so send me a copy of your work. Just remember to watermark it so everyone knows its yours.



Monday, 17 July 2017

Holliewood Studios ~ LIGHT LEAKS Overlay Kit

Well then this time Hollie has brought us something thats a bit different. She has in the past included maybe 1 or 2 of this style.
Now then being honest this may not be for everyone! This kit is for those who enjoy not getting their hands filled with paint and glue but are sat at a desk in front of their Laptops or Computers be that Mac or PC.
These overlays allow you change the feel of a photograph.
Do you remember when there was no such thing as digital? When we took our films into the Chemist or local photo lab they they sen away and a week o later you got your packet containing ALL your creative efforts.
Yes there were the ones that had no heads.. Also those photos that had a sticker on saying they could not print this one. THEN you had the ones that looked as if light had creeped its way into the back of the camera.
Well this collection of overlays is going to help you create those old photos of yesterday. I know we screamed at the poor person behind the desk.. 'WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY PHOTO!' 'GO AND RE PRINT IT AS IT WAS PERFECT WHEN l PRESSED THE BUTTON!
Now a little bit of personal information.. I used to work in a photographic lab [they could not organize a lock in at a pub and they had the keys!]
Anyway l worked on the Estate agent side they developed the films that they took when you sold your property. Oh the things l was shouted at...
One Saturday help young girl who had been promoted to being in charge of photocopies etc screamed at me..
'Well you better climb back into the development tank and get my photos. I know they were good as l Mr X..Y...Z.. are very good at what they do and have very expensive cameras so you have lost the photos from these negatives you sent back to me!'
Oh happy day NOT!
Anyway what we did not want to do we now can do... Oh l need a laydown hehehehe.

To have a look at this kit:

Have fun and as always l would love to see what your doing with any of these kits l have brought to your attention.

Here are some samples of what l have done using elements from my kits as well as elements that Holliewood Studio have brought us. I will say whats mine under each project so you know.


On this one the original photo was from my collection and its a photo by 'Costica Acsinte'. The text was again from my own font collection. The rest all came from various kits from Holliewood Studios.

Monday, 3 July 2017

New Collaboration Kit from Mischief Circus - HOLLIEWOOD STUDIOS : SO FAB

Well the time is flying by and before we just recovered from the last kit that Hollie brought us here is another one for us to enjoy.

This kit is called SO FAB and its kinda a quirky kit that also includes papers AND a separate text folder with lots of quick head liners. Ones that we wanted to say but just could not remember on the day at that time.

To have a look @ the Main Kit:

To look @ the Papers:

To have a look @ the Text Folder:

Below are some of the projects l have done using elements from this kit. I try to make it 95 - 100% elements so that your able to see a full range of what can be done.

I work in Photoshop however there are programs out that will enable you to come close to what l am doing.

I have come across a new program called >>>>> AFFINITY <<<<< if you click on the highlighted name it will open up a new window where you will be able to download this New Kid On The Block.

If there is anything you want to know about what you have seen on this blog or ANY of the other postings then please send me a message and l will get back to you as soon as possible.

Project No. 1

Project No. 2

Project No. 3

Monday, 19 June 2017

BRAND NEW KIT! from......Holliewood Studios ~ Mischief Messes vol 10

Well look what we have here.....

A BRAND NEW kit from Hollie from Holliewood Studios. This is a very Grungy styled kit. Had lots of text themed imagery that's going to give you so many opportunities to build up your own layers and creative projects.

To have a GOOD GOOD look at this kit just click on the link below thats been provided for you. [No searching around opening lots of windows here!] Just the 1 click and a new window will open up directly at the page you need so that your able to see whats included and what the D.T. have created using elements from this kit.

Some of the designers use elements from their own stashes showing you that your able to mix and match. Dont just think that your only able to use this kit alone your not.

Just because l try to use just this kit l feel its important as well to see other peoples creative projects so that your going to get a wide spectrum of ideas. Think of it as a mood board where lots  of ideas are brought into the big creative melting pot.

Have lots of fun and as l say if there is anything you have seen or want to know submit a question below or email me and l will get back to you a.s.a.p.

Oh and dont forget there is NO SUCH THING AS A DAFT QUESTION! Trust me when l say l could have asked it or someone else has. Even the simplest of things can be a mindfield to get over.

To have a look at this kit [including papers!!] Just click on the link below.

>>>>>>>>>> CLICK HERE TO SEE THE KIT <<<<<<<<<<

Happy Creating!

Project No. 1

Project No. 2

Project No. 3

Project No.4

Project No.5

Monday, 5 June 2017

Holliewood CYOC GOOD VIBES1.2017

Well its that time again when all the designers get their creative heads together and bring their own swing on a theme.

This is Hollies take on the subject matter.

This time round hollie has included a fabric kit. There is fabric floating in all sorts of direction. The make up of the fabric is both 'Cotton Heavy' style and then you have the Very floating see through material. This is an AMAZING kit and so useful for your creativity.

To have a look @ the kits then please use the links that l have added to this blog:

Digital & Paper Kit:

Fabric Kit:

You have any questions about what you have seen or read while visiting my profile then l will be very happy to answer your questions.

If your not happy in placing a question in the open forum then please send me a email with your answer and l will be happy to help.

PLEASE REMEMBER...... There is no such thing as a daft or stupid question.

Also PLEASE dont think your the only one to have asked....

I have asked all sort of questions.. Thats how we learn. We could be doing the simplest of tasks but just cant get a certain point right.. Please ask.. If l cant help then l will ask my network of creative peeps..

Below are my creative takes using elements from Hollies kit and Papers.


Project No. 1

Project No. 2

Project No. 3

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Holliewood Studio's - Collection of Background Papers Vol.7

This time round Hollie has brought us a collection of backing papers. These can or should l say could be used for ANY of your creative projects.

The projects l have done below are created by just letting the backing paper start to tell the story.

Use ALL your digital imagery.. Just print out the papers and then use them as a backing paper in your scrapbooking pages/projects.

Have a lot of fun just be creative.

Here is a link for the papers for you to have a look:

Just let your imagination run riot!!

Happy Creating.





Monday, 1 May 2017

Holliewood Studio's New Digital Kit ~ Monthly Mischief OH HAPPY DAYS....

This is a new collective kit that has a Happy feel about it.

Its part of the Monthly Mischief collection.

Once again ALL the designers have got their creative heads together and under 1 theme they create a collection of digital images using their own creative take on it. NO 2 designers bring you the same kind of imagery.

As per usual there are elements that enrich your backgrounds.. Imagery that will enable you to build up a story be that in Mixed Media... Paper Crafting whatever creative project your working on that can use a digital image or a paper image then your going to be having a lot of fun with this collection.

To have a look at the kit:

Click on this link below to have a look at this kit:

Click on the link below to have a look at the Paper's kit:

Below are a few projects l have created using elements fro this kit.

Any questions please send me a email or message and l will get back to you as soon as possible.


Project No.1

Project No.2

Project No.3

Project No.4

Monday, 17 April 2017

Holliewood Studio - MISCHIEF MESSES v9.1. Brand NEW Digital Kit

Well Well Well.... Can you believe it that Hollie from Holliewood Studios has brought us volume no 9.. YES VOLUME No.9.

I cant believe that its up to this figure and so soon.... I mean its not as if Hollie brings to us the crafting community a digital kit every week.. It's more like every month meaning almost a year has gone by, In between as we all know Hollie has brought us a Monthly collaboration as well as other kits that have a different feel about them.

The great thing about kits from Holliewood Studio's is that you are able to mix and match no matter what kit you are using.

Elements from say MM vol.2 has elements or a backing paper.. Overlay that's going to bring elements from vol. 6 and 9 up to life and make the project just snap with creativity.

There is also a NEW Font that has been designed for you to use ... Its not a True Type font but one that you can drag and drop letters to create words or phrases.

To have a look at this kit just click on the link below:

To have a look at the Papers that go with this kit:

To have a look at what Hollie has brought to the creative community:

>>>>>>>>>>CLICK ON THIS LINK<<<<<<<<<<

Have fun!!!

Project No.1

Project No.2

Project No.3

Project No.4

Project No.5

Project No.6

Project No.7

I said that l was not going to do another image using this digital kit... BUT! Something made me get onto the computer and to make another project.. I could say The Devil made me do it but l cant this kit has inspired me it also helps that the new layout kits l bought have also helped me to be creative. If you want to know more then head over to:


Just click on the title above and go over to the site.. ITS AMAZING if you want to take your design work to the next level or LEVELS!

Right back to this Blog Posting.. Here is No8 below. But this time lm going to WALK AWAY from this... Saying that l have a new toy coming tomorrow.. If your good l will tell you All about it.

Right then heading off the sewing machine is calling my name.

Project No.8

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Holliewood Studios... A BRAND NEW KIT SHINE ON 1

Its  that time of the month when all the designers get together and under 1 theme they bring their take on said theme and under l big umbrella your going to get such a lot of different ideas.

I have had to step back from being a member of Deb's Design Team.

l want to take this opportunity to thank her for ALL her support as well as being there when a total stranger who she has never met had some things going on in my life. Deb's had big issues of her own with bringing an very young baby who they were going to look after as the babies mother had problems and couldn't care for her chile.

This is the kind of person that Deb's is.. So l wish her all the very best for the future both personal as well as professional. Who knows one day when lm able l might knock on that door and come back into her team.

Now then why have l left Deb's team I hear you ask?... Well l found that l couldn't give her designs the care and attention that she needed. I was not able to commit myself to working on her designs every week.

Hollie on the other hand tends to be once a month meaning l have time to chase my own designs and creative projects.

So lets have a look at what Hollie is bringing to us this month... Its a underwater themed package. Lots of mermaids..Shells..Jellyfish.. corals.. and the selection of Papers.. WOW they are going to be so useful for our summer projects.

Just click on the link below to be taken to the site and have a look at what the other members of the team have created as well as the complete package that's there ready to be added to your collection.

This time the Papers are on a separate link so l have added that one as well.

BE Creative with this kit as well as ALL the other kits you may have from Holliewood Studios and other designers.

This is a complete MIX and Match Kit!

Project No.1

Project No.2

Project No.3

Monday, 20 March 2017


I have found an art form that allows me to embrace BOTH sides of my creativity.

On one hand you have mixed media and the other you have fabrics.

I have a degree in Design BA[hons] as well as a Degree in Textile/Surface Design BA[hons].

I remember way way back when l was doing my textile degree course we were allowed out of the class room [all armed with notes saying we could hehehehehe] So off we went to see this exhibition. Now this is where l say sorry but time has passed and names have been forgotten. However while l was at this exhibition way back in 2002 l came across these wall hangings that had be done by this Japanese artist and instead of ink and pen she used a sewing machine to make her marks...

I WAS BLOW AWAY by the creativity as well as the depth of tonal range.. She made a swing machine come alive.

It is only now some XXXXXX years later that l am now embarking on a creative journey that's going to be done armed with my trust sewing machines and some fabrics.

I hope that you like what you see and please feel free to leave me a message about this page or anything you may see in my blog.

Thanks for reading...

Monday, 6 March 2017

Holliewood & The Gang all get together again!

Well its that time of the month again when ALL the collaborators that are @ Mischief Circus get together and under one theme they bring their own take on it.

To also have a double whammy!

There is a BRAND NEW Designer who has joined the Creative Gang called 'SONGBIRDY' So check out what they bring to the table . Just click on the name to open up a new window so you can see what been brought forward so far from them.

Right lets get back to Hollie and what she is bringing to the table. This kit is a very fresh summery feel kit. Saying that she has not lost that 'Grunge feel' with the papers. They would fit into any design or project you may want to be doing.

To have a look at this kit just click on the link below....

Here are a few project that l have been creating using just elements of this kit... [well 90% l may have added one or two elements from other kits by Holliewood Studios or my own stash]




Who said that Older People in our lives and the Younger People in our lives cant be colour co-ordinated. I went with the same coloured cotton item and placed a design upon them both!

Monday, 6 February 2017

Brand NEW Digital Kit from: Holliewood called Fantastical 1

After a short break away Hollie has brought us a NEW Digital Kit that has the SteamPunk ero/feel about it.

There is also several papers that are going to help you create that special project or if your int Card.. Scrapbooking then please dont feel as if your being left out..

These elements are going to be just the thing to create those MALE PROJECTS that a lot of crafters have problems with and they have to settle for an image of a car.. Rugby/Football player. You know what lm talking about you see them stood on the mantle place or side table.. its a very lack lustered approach especially when you think about the cards we give out to the women/girls in our lives.

Hey dont think lnm just thinking these images are for men.


I know lots of Ladies that would LOVE to get a SteamPunk image card on that special day. I have even seen Wedding's been given this treatment.

So dont think that you cant do it.. YOU CAN DO IT! In the creative world there is NOTHING YOU CANT DO thats if you have the right tools, The right imagery.... and the right celebration.

To have a look at this kit just click on the link below to open up a new window. Then when yoyu have had a look just click the X in the top right corner and you have not lost this original page so your able to continue on your journey hopefully reading my blog.

If there is anything you want to know about anything you have seen or read on this blog blease send me a message and l will get back to you as soon as possible.

A BIG THANKS from ME!!!! 



PROJECT No.3 +3a.

Monday, 30 January 2017

DKERKHOF Designs: WISTFUL 1 + 2 Digital kits

Well Deb's has brought us a collection of two new digital kits. The theme is very red  so you can guess what holiday period is going to be right here before we can wink and take a deep breath..

To have a look at these kits just click on the link below to go to the On-Line Digital Shop that showcases Deb's designs.

Your in for a nice treat when you do click on the link. Deb's brings us wonderful art doll that will be able to be mixed and matched .. Your not faced with buying something that is just for 1 purpose. These are far from it. Kits created 6 years ago will be workable with kits created in 6 months time!

To pop over the DKERKHOF On-Line_Digital-Store..........

Happy Creating..... Oh  and if you would like to share any projects you have created using kits from Deb's collection or elements from Deb's collections please send me a photo and l will put it on the blog along with your name. [I will watermark your photo so no one can 'Borrow' it!

Project No.1

Project No. 1a

Project No.2