Monday, 17 July 2017

Holliewood Studios ~ LIGHT LEAKS Overlay Kit

Well then this time Hollie has brought us something thats a bit different. She has in the past included maybe 1 or 2 of this style.
Now then being honest this may not be for everyone! This kit is for those who enjoy not getting their hands filled with paint and glue but are sat at a desk in front of their Laptops or Computers be that Mac or PC.
These overlays allow you change the feel of a photograph.
Do you remember when there was no such thing as digital? When we took our films into the Chemist or local photo lab they they sen away and a week o later you got your packet containing ALL your creative efforts.
Yes there were the ones that had no heads.. Also those photos that had a sticker on saying they could not print this one. THEN you had the ones that looked as if light had creeped its way into the back of the camera.
Well this collection of overlays is going to help you create those old photos of yesterday. I know we screamed at the poor person behind the desk.. 'WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY PHOTO!' 'GO AND RE PRINT IT AS IT WAS PERFECT WHEN l PRESSED THE BUTTON!
Now a little bit of personal information.. I used to work in a photographic lab [they could not organize a lock in at a pub and they had the keys!]
Anyway l worked on the Estate agent side they developed the films that they took when you sold your property. Oh the things l was shouted at...
One Saturday help young girl who had been promoted to being in charge of photocopies etc screamed at me..
'Well you better climb back into the development tank and get my photos. I know they were good as l Mr X..Y...Z.. are very good at what they do and have very expensive cameras so you have lost the photos from these negatives you sent back to me!'
Oh happy day NOT!
Anyway what we did not want to do we now can do... Oh l need a laydown hehehehe.

To have a look at this kit:

Have fun and as always l would love to see what your doing with any of these kits l have brought to your attention.

Here are some samples of what l have done using elements from my kits as well as elements that Holliewood Studio have brought us. I will say whats mine under each project so you know.


On this one the original photo was from my collection and its a photo by 'Costica Acsinte'. The text was again from my own font collection. The rest all came from various kits from Holliewood Studios.

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