Monday, 7 August 2017

2017 ~ A BRAND NEW KIT ~ Holliewood Studios MM8 ~ ACCENTS

Oh boy the months are flying past us.. There is no room to sit back and relax before ANOTHER month has passed us by.

Its that time when all the designers get their collective creative brains together and bring their own take on a theme.

Under the THEME of the month called ACCENTS here is Hollie's interpretation.

The kit is filled with lots of interesting design objects that are going to help your own designs go that little bit further.

If you want to have a look at this kit as well as ALL the other kits Hollie has created as well as the on line store where all the designers works are there for you to purchase and to your own collections.

As per usual there are some restrictions in what you can and cant do. I mean if you had spent hours working on something the last thing you want is for someone to come along and then resell that project as their own.

You will find that each artist has their own Do's and Don't's so before you purchase a kit just check on the restrictions of sale as the project your working on might not fit in with their restrictions.

Saying that you will find that most designers allow you to do so much with their work just check in before you spend so much of your time only for it not to be able to be sold etc.

Here are the links:

Below are some samples of what your able to create using elements from these kits.

Now before you go thinking there is a tee-shirt template included lm sorry but thats from my own collection. Just shows what your able to create.....

Have fun and as l always say.....

If there is anything on my blog you want to comment
If there is ANYTHING you want to ask me about what you may have seen or read then.........

Post a comment using the link below or send me an email.

Dont worry there is no such thing as a daft question. Trust me l have asked a lot in my time so dont be shy.
I would also like to see what works you have created so send me a copy of your work. Just remember to watermark it so everyone knows its yours.



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