Monday, 4 September 2017

NEW Collaboration Digital Kits Under the Theme of MUSE. Holliewood Studios Offerings

Well its that time of the month again when the designers at Mischief Circus get together and under a theme they place their own spin on things.

This kit with what l have had the privlidge to work with is from Holliewood Studios.

If you click on the links below your going to open up a new window so that you can have a good look at what is on offer.

You will also see some work from Hollies Design Team of which lm proud to say lm a member.

Hollie lets us do what ever we like.

As you may tell l have moved more to more Apparel items as well as bedding and stationary projects.

Just going to show that these items are not just for a paper project.

Saying that while Hollie has a very good Angel Policy. If your going to use one of her designs on a wholesale production just check in with her before you go full steam ahead.

Each designer will have differing Angel Policies. Just like l have in my designs each project is treated as a single working project so just check in and see what the costs will be.

Okay after the heavy stuff  lets get back to being creative.

To have a look at the Main Kit:     >>>>>>>>>> CLICK HERE <<<<<<<<<<

To have a look at the Papers:        >>>>>>>>>> CLICK HERE <<<<<<<<<<

To have a look at the Overlays:    >>>>>>>>>> CLICK HERE <<<<<<<<<<

Below are some of the ideas that l have brought to the table.

Hope you like...

Any questions you know what to do and l will respond a.s.a.i.k.....

Have fun

Remember being creative is so much fun.. even better with a friend, Cup of tea/coffee and a slice of cake!

Project No.1

Project No.2

Project No.3

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