Monday, 19 June 2017

BRAND NEW KIT! from......Holliewood Studios ~ Mischief Messes vol 10

Well look what we have here.....

A BRAND NEW kit from Hollie from Holliewood Studios. This is a very Grungy styled kit. Had lots of text themed imagery that's going to give you so many opportunities to build up your own layers and creative projects.

To have a GOOD GOOD look at this kit just click on the link below thats been provided for you. [No searching around opening lots of windows here!] Just the 1 click and a new window will open up directly at the page you need so that your able to see whats included and what the D.T. have created using elements from this kit.

Some of the designers use elements from their own stashes showing you that your able to mix and match. Dont just think that your only able to use this kit alone your not.

Just because l try to use just this kit l feel its important as well to see other peoples creative projects so that your going to get a wide spectrum of ideas. Think of it as a mood board where lots  of ideas are brought into the big creative melting pot.

Have lots of fun and as l say if there is anything you have seen or want to know submit a question below or email me and l will get back to you a.s.a.p.

Oh and dont forget there is NO SUCH THING AS A DAFT QUESTION! Trust me when l say l could have asked it or someone else has. Even the simplest of things can be a mindfield to get over.

To have a look at this kit [including papers!!] Just click on the link below.

>>>>>>>>>> CLICK HERE TO SEE THE KIT <<<<<<<<<<

Happy Creating!

Project No. 1

Project No. 2

Project No. 3

Project No.4

Project No.5

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