Tuesday, 14 November 2017


Its  been a while since l was creative due to 1 thing or another.

Anyway as the eye is healing up and lm feeling a lot better seeing things even thought l still have a patch over 1 eye until l get the OKAY from the surgeon in a few days.

So judging distances can be a little tricky as l have found out while trying to thread a needle hahahahaha

So after spending some time sorting out some folders on the computer l came across what was an old advert in the mid to late 1890's l would think just before they said NO to the corset and it was discarded as a object of fashion.

I saw the text and then a simple image came into my head.. it decided to stay for a while [well it is empty in there at the moment...]

I hope that you like what l have done in a jokey way but also making a statement...

As per normal any questions about what you have seen on my blog send me a message...

Have FUN....

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