Wednesday, 3 November 2010

NEC Friday

Cant wait a whole day surrounded by craftiness.

Going to the N.E.C this Friday for the craft show. A friend from London is coming up for the day so that we can just enjoy the day. I have a small budget available so will no doubt spend wisely as l have my eye on 3 wooden stamps in H.C. l know wooden stamps. But they are nice ones.

The web site is almost at that point when l press the send button, just have to add a few extra things like some papers l have designed down loadable. The video tutorials have not taken place yet that's one area l must get my act together and do so l can up load to Y-Tube as well as the web site.

Will give you all an update and a report on the N.E.C and if l can see any trends happening.

Take care and happy crafting to you all.


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