Friday, 3 December 2010


Well its happened i have bought a Cricut Expressions machine. All l can say is FAB!!! its very very good.. no more hours spent bent over a table armed with a crafting knife and 5 copies of the same image ready to cut it out. Not being able to get those small bits like a birds feathers.. Now l can. While l was doing my research l came across a blog site called..


It is run by a lovely helpful person called Michelle. I do recommend that you visit her blog and become a friend of hers.

While l was on he site l was introduced to a program called Sure Cuts a Lot 2
This is just one of the greatest programs you can have if you own a Cricut cutting machine. You can use any font face, Weld, convert any basic line art into an object to be used on the Cricut machine.

On my web site I will be putting on svg files [this is the format that SCAL 2 uses] you can download them from there and import them to the program and then cut out on your cricut.

 The web address is    

While you are there please download the paper designs that l have put on there for downloading. I will be changing them around about every month so that you can build up your own library of digital papers.

Now then what else has been happening in the world of craftyness/

This weather has meant that we can stop indoors and do our crafting.So much so all the cards have been made and are ready to be posted out. Now then whats the next season for card?? Oh Easter hahahaha

My aim for next year is to start up a Crop Group here in the village. It will be like old times when l used to teach 3 Dimensional Art in the community. So l had better start planning lessons on different techniques and styles, it is something l am looking forward to a lot.

I hope everyone has a great festive holiday and l hope 2011 is a year of craftyness and glitter...

Take care and may your holidays be filled with happy memories.

Yule Tide Greetings to you all


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