Monday, 13 December 2010


Well guess what..... I now have the Robo-Craft CC300-20 Machine. I decided that while my Cricut expressions was a good machine, it didn't do all that l wanted. For a while the expression was tearing all the papers l was putting through for cutting. Things kinda changed when l then used a different make of carrier sheet. For the time being this seams to have sorted the problem out so [touches wood] that might be the end of that issue.

The Robo-Craft or Robo [as it will be called from now] has a lot to offer. I can print out an image and then by careful manipulation in Illustrator [you can use any of the supplied programs or even the free to load ones like Silhouette

Their software package is easy to use and they offer you a great wide range of very affordable clip art to purchase from designers.

I hope to start to have some clip-art up on the web site for downloading soon. But most clean simple jpeg's can be used.

Looking forward to the New Year when myself and my partner are of to India for 2 weeks. So will be taking my camera and getting ready to find new icons that l can then turn into my paper designs.

So just in case l don't get the time to update my blog l would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a merry safe and happy holiday time and may 2011 be a bigger year full of craftyness.

Kindest regards


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