Sunday, 27 February 2011

A bit sad.

Well the weekend is here managed to get my head in a place of creativity and did some paper designs. They took me to a creative place so l was a happy person.

But alas things did not stay that way. I will not dwell further on it but it led me to removing some of my designs from a web site. I did this with a big sigh.

Well Sunday has arrived and its a new day. the sun is shinning so its brightened up my spirit. I hope to do some more paper designs today as well as fingers crossed watch my team win something today.

Bought a few things from ebay so l am looking forward to those arriving and l can have a play, always nice when we add to our crafting stach.

Oh lm also going to play with my water colouring pencils today. Bought some cartridge paper so will stamp with several brands and then see what happens i do like to play and see where it goes.

Just a short blog this morning so l wish you all a fab sunday may it be a big crafty day for you all

Keep Crafting and happy


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