Thursday, 10 February 2011

A Bright New Year

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Well its been way to long since l have been on here and updated the blog.

Well whats been happening.......

The design work is coming along and l have built up a large libary of designs that can be used for the Craft-Robo and the Cricut Expression [other Cricut machines will also work] I am hoping to tie up a deal with a site that will sell my designs but l have to balance that out with the offer of a freebie from the web site.

Just one thing on the cricut does anyone else think that they have bought share in Create and Craft as there is shows all the time trying to sell machines and cartridges. I know l took the chance to purchase the expression when they had the offer on, but 7 weeks later they are still selling the same things. [Ahh well rant over..]

I hope to attend a class this year run by Ali from Clever Cut there is a full day'er in June or July, as they are not to far away [about an hour] l thought l would treat myself and have a go. She is one of the Crafters that l do admire, she will use anything to make something, thats something l love during my degree there was a module that did just that and helped us to explore multi surfaces and think outside of that creative box.

I am also hoping to start up a Crop here in the village where l live we have a village hall so today lm going up there to see if l can start up a crop during the day times. There must be other crafters here in a locality that will love the chance to meet up with fellow crafters and have a great time.

Oh have discovered the art of loom knitting. I have a large 1 year project on the go using the authentic knitting loom it will be a big bed throw when l have finished. This led me ontop to the circular knitting loom, it only has two stitches but thats okay as it gives you the chance to make something quick, and a great way to make a knitted cushion using up all those oddments that have been left over from other projects.

Well thats about it for now.

I hope your enjoying a good 2011 so far

Kindest Regards and Happy Crafting


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