Thursday, 3 March 2011

Artist Trading Cards

Well then l have been bitten by the A.T.C bug. I dont know why its taken so long. You get to make small pieces of Art, you can swap or trade with fellow A.T.C members. If you dont swap they make great toppers for your cards.

While l was surfing l came across a few Artists that didnt use the normal 3.5" x 2.5" but in Post card format. This size is approx  140mm x 90mm. now then this size does appeal to me as they can make great toppers, but alas l fear it might be shunned by the true A.T.C crafter. [I wonder what they call themselves or what they call the group when they get together to 'swap' their designs.]

Ahh well its early days so l will explore this a bit further.

Have been on eBay and have ordered my post card blanks both in White and Black.

A book called '1000 Artist Trading Cards' by Patricia Bolton [oh thats my home Town!] has been bought and it is filled with a lot of ideas and inspired mixed media ATC's.

Well back to the reading and l hope you all keep happy and crafting no matter what area of crafts you are involved in.

Happy Crafting


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