Friday, 18 March 2011

Busy making A Video

Well the day has come... I have decided to venture forward and make my very first video on card making. It is so strange listening to yourself while you are splicing it all together. Its a case of Dam do l sound like that UGH!!!! AHHHHH!! Still its got to be done if l want to share my work with fellow crafters out there.

So today lm filming the actual making of the card. Have been doing lots of run through ready for the time when l click that red button. Saying that Thank Goodness its done digitally and not on film I have so many out takes. I know have some understanding on how they feel on A.N.T.M when they have to talk to a camera. I even made a script but still managed to ad lib and get it wrong. AND I AM THE WRITER .....

Speaking of which in A.N.T.M l have not looked at the result but l do hope she wins....Its going to be good that a Tall Gentle Nice person get to rise to the top. After all getting top photo for what was it 5 weeks is something. Any way l digress.....

The card l have made and will be videoing is called a Birthday Card with a Book Marker. So l had better get back to the studio ..hahaha

Have a great weekend that's filled with craftiness, humour and happy times..


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