Sunday, 27 March 2011

The Clocks go Forward..

Well guess what.. I didn't put my clocks forward last night, my body clock is all over the place now as it was not warned that it would get an hour less sleep.

The weekend has been a good one While l was not crafting l did spend some time in the garden getting ready for the summer planting ahead. I have some fab poppies that lm looking forward to growing, taking photos of and then using the petals in some design work.

I also spent some time re cleaning the hard drive and sorting out a few more folder. I did not know l had duplicated my folders all over the place. I guess this is the issue when you have 5 hard drive for storage.

Design wise l have been busy doing paper surface designs. I am very pleased with a set of paper surfaces designs l have been working on. its all been based around text. So far l have worked up 4 different treatments with colour ways of about 15 to 18 each folder. I will try to get some loaded up on the web site over the next week or so.

The video has been up on line for a week, there has been a few viewings but no-one has left me any comments so l don't know how its going. Please feel free to have a look and post a comment even if its to tell me to stop hahahaha

here is the web address....

Right time to feed my face with some lunch.

I hope your weekend has gone and is going well.

Happy crafting to you all

Kindest and warm regards


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