Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Weekend is almost over...

Well its been a great weekend managed to get lots done and the very first video tutorial from myself up loaded to the internet via y-tube.

I am working on the written instructions at the moment so l can then upload that. Its handy just incase people want to make the card but didnt get the measurements written down at the time.

Have taken the chance to have a sort out in my craft room... Put some more shelving inti the space but l have lost some table space. Its a good job l can overspill on to the dinning room

Have kinda sorted out what l will be doing for the 2nd video tutorial, its something l have seen on one of the shopping channels, the reason for this is that l dont think everyone has seen this technique.

Right time to so some crafting before dinner.

Have a wonderfull Sunday evening, happy crafting to all



  1. Hi Alan, I was just wandering why you have removed your video from youtube, speak soon, Sylv

  2. I didnt know l had removed it... Will have to check... Just checked they are both up and running.. Cant explain whats happened...


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