Monday, 7 March 2011

A Whole New Week

Well then the weekend went well and it was spent catching up with some friends. Also a wander around Ikea was an added bonus.

My new stamps arrived while l was away. Have bought some Cling Stamps from Hero Arts. They are the larger ones and will make a great background image for my Cards and ATC's. Looking forward to using them soon and will post a few of the results on here and my web site over the next week or so.

Also this week l do need to sort out my craft room, its starting to take over again and does need to be reined back in. No doubt there are a lot of crafters out there that know what lm talking about. its like the Sahara Desert.. it just keeps creeping and creeping hahaha.

I hope you all had a great weekend and it was spent doing things that made you happy. For those whos weekend did not go as expected and there were a few obstacles put in you way.. A big hug is sent to you with a warm friendly sentiment.

Hope to add more this week

Big Crafting Wishes sent to you all


Here are two l was working on today. Just using an old playing card some cardboard and stamp sets. Oh and Glitter Glue!!

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