Thursday, 28 April 2011


Well then  i have been playing again. This time with plastic and an Iron. This is not my idea its something l stumbled upon while l was surfing round on y-Tube.
They used the carrier bags that you get your shopping put into at your supermarket and the ones you dont have to pay 5p for. Oh l hated that why should we pay to advertise for the?

Any way l digress or is that degress.

Take your plastic bag and then cut the bottom and the top to make a square. Then fold over to make a 8 layered sandwich. Then with a topping and bottom of greace proof paper and an iron on hot [play around with this but l find wool a good starting point] just gently wave the iron over the sandwich. The plastic will shrink but be warned IT IS VERY HOT ITS MELTING PLASTIC. so be carefull when you remove the top layer of greace proof paper to see what you have produced. You can turn the 'sandwich' over so that you heat both sides. You can then decorate as you wish with your promarkers [with these use a paper towel to burnish the colour into the plastic] also use your alcohol inks. I have put up a few photos of what l have been playing with. As you can see you can use any weight of plastic sheet [but only crafting type] the thicker the plastic sheet use less layers. The clear purple one was just 2 sheets of plastic and l put some plastic strands inside the sandwich.

So please enjoy this but take care and remember ITS HOT PLASTIC so let it cool for a minute before you handle it.

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