Wednesday, 13 April 2011

A New Week Dawns...

Well its been a while since l updated this blog due to one or two things out of my control. Fell like pulling out what little hair l have already. Why are some Customer Services from companies so stupid and cant read emails? I guess that's the problem when you decided to ship your CC Unit out to India. Now then lm not saying all of them are bad lm not. I can only go along with what experiences l have had. so this is a personal thing not one from any other company or person out there. BRING THEM BACK HOME!!!!!!

Now then what else have l been up to? Well for one l have signed up to a site that will sell my tee-shirt designs. I mean l have loads in my cra\fting design bag after doing my degree in Textile/Surface Design so l might as well use them and see what can happen. After all we all need extra funds to buy that new crafty item. Speaking of which l bought the Xyron Runner. Its a fab little unit l have not explored it fully just yet but l will. Its going to add a new dimension to what lm doing at the moment.

Have uploaded the new video and so far have had 17 viewings. However it might be me looking to see if anyone has watched and left a message hahahahaha

This week lm going to make some A.T.C. cards as l have been neglecting this side of my crafting for a while. Got a few new stamps l want to explore. Along with some ultra thick embossing enamel. Not used that yet so will have a look on y-tube for a few ideas. Isn't that site just the best? If you want to know what how or what just head there type in and search. Its great one of the best sites out there.[along with my own lol]

Well have a fab crafty week and keep smiling if you can

Hugs and friendship


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