Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The First card Using the Texture Gels

Here is the first card l have made using the Glass Beads Texture Gel from Windsor & Newton Galeria Range.

To make the paper topper l used some card cut from a cerial packet [well why throw it away when you can use it. Just give the glossy side a quick going over with, with some fine sandpaper].

Then to give the card a good surface as l didnt know how it would act so l played safe by using White Gesso Primer. After it dryed l put down a plastic mask of leaves that was in my collection. I covered the surface with the gel by using a plastic splatular. After the area and all the open areas were filled in with the gel l gently picked up the mask from the card. take care when you do this as you can move some of the gel placed onto the card. [After you have removed the mask wash it and the tools used right away in warm water. DO NOT THEN IT DRY ON THE MASK-TOOLS. When it had dryed after 24 hours l used an Acrylic paint and gave it a good wash and using a baby wipe l just took the paint of the surface to give it a distressed look.

The flower was made by me designing a 3 layered flower and saving as a svg file. Then taking it into Sure Cuts a lot l cut them out. The paper l used was the paper thats made to act as a index seperator in lever arch files so its not the best quality. However if l used a backing sheet of paper and reduced the preasure it cut them out perfect. So well impress on that one.

After the edges had been inked using Aged mahogany l then crumpled them up into small balls. When opening up please take great care as you dont want to rip the layers.
Then build the flower up and then placed a red button into the middle.

The border was made by covering a peice of pink lace with my xyron and then gluing onto a 2" width complementry paper.

The Sentiments was from the Friskars Friends Forever Quotes Stamp set. Then using some spellbinders nestibilities l layered them and glued in place.

The general card stock was from my 'stach' and were just cheap as chips'

I hope you like the result and it might inspire you to try something like this for yourself.

Happy Crafting
 and Chat soon


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