Monday, 16 May 2011

Its Play Time!!

Just a quick update as to what l'm doing at the moment.

Have bought some things from the Windsor & Newton Galeria Range. I'm going to be playing on how different gels/mediums will transfer over to card by using the masks we all have. Its from an idea l saw on C&C and a paste that they used and sold out within 4 minutes  and l cant find that product anywhere.

I will post the results on here so that you can see and it may inspire you to re-visit your masks.

Just a quick update.....
Oh my new toy The eCraft Cutting machine... LOVING IT!! will do a short video over the next week or so There are plus and some bad points about it but l will be honest just like the Joy Embossing machine l did a video on.

Keep Smiling and Crafting


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