Friday, 27 May 2011

A New Adventure

Well its been a busy week here... Had a few bad days due to my well lets not get into that now... all I'm going to say lm in a much better way today...

Set about designing and making up a new idea l have had and thought its about time l tried it. Well working with that fab program Serif craft Artist l designed 11 different card toppers. I have in my die collection 3 different small card cutting dies so they have started to earn their crust. I will put together a pack of 10 cards covering 10 different needs for a card [apart from Crimbo...] Then complete with envelopes will pack them all together and then sell them on eBay. I have to move away from some software Cd's as they have started to say you cant sell your cards on the Internet. Well to me that's just all wrong. they are saying we cant make more than 150 or 200 cards per year blah blah blah... sometimes l think why should l bother! [Walk away from your soap box Alan walk away...]

Well l have designed them printed them all out and tweaked them. Now for the job of photographing them and putting them into a collage. This will keep me busy for a few days.

Finally got my voucher from the eCraft cutting machine that l bought via Crafters Companion. I don't know a whole month to sort it out. The machine itself is brill and lm enjoying using it. I see they have relaunched the Cricut expression... Makes you think Dam why didn't l wait 4 months hahahaha Anyway they are all good for what they do. So l have a complete set. Craft-Robo - Cricut - eCraft. They are all sitting happy on the shelf.

I will post the photos of the cards l have made. Right off to play with some new Rubber Stamps fancy entering a card competition on one of the sites out there.

Have a great Crafting weekend


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