Tuesday, 23 August 2011


This is the first time that l have had a play with an old Soda can. So armed with my tin cutters.. A pair of good gloves [which l realised that l needed after the first 2 cuts!!] I top and bottomed the can then trimmed to size.

I chose a flourish style embossing folder as l had this vision in my mind for the finished card. While l some times will make a sketch l normally let the card take me on the path of being constructed.

After l had put the tin through my Calibre I gave it a good sanding.

I did this as l was going to use acrylic paints and they will need a key to grab hold of.

After the first coat was dry, I again took a fine sand paper and gave the surface a scrubbing. In some places l took the surface back to the tin surface.

Then l took another colour and dry brushed the surface with it. [When l say dry brush it means l have taken most of the paint of the brush so that it's dry but still has colour on the brush tip.]

Then the problem of how do l back it onto a card so that it was secure and not thin and easy to snap in places. So l got some Hard as Nails, on the reverse side of the plate l gave it a sanding as again the glue needs something to grab hold of with the surface of the tin not being absorbent, that did the trick.

With my hole punch l made a hole for the ribbon. I decided to use 2 different colours for this and on the thinnest ribbon to add some weight to make them lay flat l threaded some beads onto it.

Now then the card its self. Well l took a

complimentary purple card stock. [It wasn’t heavy card stock]. I then set about embossing lines all over it both vertical and horizontal. Then l glued the card onto the face of the card.

[Tip: When l am covering the whole face of the card. I do this while the card has not been made up to a card. This way l can make the top sheet glue into place and not have to spend the next 20 minutes trying to make the card look level and square]

Then l mark a line at the side place a strong sticky tape onto the side and then secure into place. There will be a slight overlap of the front at the back but that’s okay.

The 2nd topper was made by putting a light shade of purple card through the brick embossing folder. Reversing the card so that l could get the full length embossing. It didn’t matter to much about the middle as l was going to cover it up with the lace and ribbon.

This was then secured onto a silver paper that had some glitter printed into it. Using a pr of deckel scissors l just cut the edge and not being to careful j

ust wanted it to be a back drop.

The ribbon was coloured by using a pro marker

as they will colour most things. I did the same with the lace. I wanted a wide band of ribbon and lace. As l didn’t have a width that l wanted l just doubled up leaving a small gap between each one.

The tin topper was glued into place using my 3D glue gel and that will stick it into place and hold it.

The topper was just something l did in my D.T.P software and used a 3” scalloped punch.

There you have it my first tin card. I enjoyed it a lot and have lots of ideas for the nr future.

If your going to cut tin then l do suggest you ge

t a pr of good gloves from a hardware shop as it will save a lot of hunting around for plasters.

Take care and keep crafting


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