Thursday, 4 August 2011

A Vintage Flower Card

This is the 4th card l made using the Vintage Inventor stamps.
The flowers were made up by stamping the railways lines all over a sheet of paper and then embossing the gears stamp at random intervals.
Then taking my circle punches l cut out 3 layers per flower and distressed the edges with my scissors and inks.
The back ground paper is from one of my own designs.
The Green topper was made by using one of the wording stamps and stamping in a structured way to make up an intresting image. It was then ripped out [I cheated by making a ruled edge on the reverse side so l could keep the width and it didnt look top heavy.
The bow was made up by taking the spring stamp and thenmulti layering it. The only stamp that l had to use from another stamp set [but from the same maker] was the swirls so that it looed like stems. This was again ripped out carefully secured in place and then the 3 flower heads secured.

There you have it another way to look at a set of stamps not made for flowers. So have a look at your stamps they can do a lot more than what they should do.

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