Friday, 30 September 2011

21st Birthday Card Challenge

21st Birthday Card.

I wanted to make a card that had the Numbers 21 as a focal point.

For that l went into my graphics program and typed both numbers out.

That was the easy bit the next one was how am l going to make the 21 stand up?


l put in the 'Pretty Sweet' cd into the computer and just explored........

There is some wonderful images in that cd that lend themselves to be blown up and can be used to build up a card with some character.

After l had printed them out and then backed up onto thin card stock. [I always use an old ceral packet its gives good support and easy to cut.]

The digi stamped images were then coloured in using my Pro-markers and high lighted with a gelly roll glitter pen. Before l glued each figure onto each number l took a 'pockey' tool and just put small makes around the numbers and then using a silver pen l just gave the image a feel of being stitched.

The next question was where and how do l make the Happy Birthday text stand out. Well then as one of the images was laying down and had her feet in the air l thought 'I wonder if l could make her look as if she was holding the text. There you have it the text had an interesting position on the card

To stop the card slipping down l just used some flower beads to act as a stopper and they blending into the card.


  1. Lovely, bright, fun card! I'm liking the use of cereal packets too!

  2. Fab card Alan, so glad you could join in with my age challenge this week. Colette xx


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