Saturday, 24 September 2011


After a nasty week l needed to get back to my crafting and make something. Im sure there would be a lot more stress in the world if we all crafted. Saying that fighting over an embelishment folder.

Any way l started to make this card. I took the images from Polka Doodles Magic Winter CD and a stamp from The Crimbo Doodles Stamp Set.

Materials Needed:

I sheet Green Card A4
White promarker Card [that can be printed on]
2 sheets A4 Backing card to give strength.
Fun Foam Brown and Red,
I A4 Sheet Tracing Paper
Tube of Glossy Accents.
The following Pro-markers: Cinnamon, Ruby, Saffron, Henna, Warm grey 1 & 2, Amethyst, Light Fawn, Tan. Ice Grey 1, Celestral Blue, Leaf Green, Canary, Bright orange, Shocking pink, Silver & Gold Metalic,
White Ink Pen/ Blue Glue Pen, Black Ink Pen
Ultra Fine Glitter.
Strand Silver Thread,
Good Strong Glue Stick.
Polka Dots Embossing Folder & Embossing machine.
Clear Plastic Sheet cut to size when making up.
Scoring Board

How to make:
Print out 1 of the following:
Large Christmas Tree.
Print 2 of the:
Smaller Christmas Trees and 2 sets of the lights so you can back them up.

The speach bubble was made in a simple DTP program that most computers come with ie paint. If you dont then draw a speach bubble onto white card and then stamp your wording into this. if your happy with your own writting skills then do that.

All the printed images are backed onto a cheap card like a cerial box to give them some stability.
Take the Raindear and then colour in as to how you want. Dont forget its your choice. There is no right or wrong way its how you want to do it. When its finished take the glossy accents and highlight the Hoofs and the Nose. After thats dry take your white pen and just go round the edges so that they look like they are sewn together.

Do the same with the Small Bird only he does not need glossing up unless you want to do the beak!

The larger tree is Cut out and glued onto Fun Foam. The topper for the tree is made from running the tracing paper through the wmbossing folder and then taking the glue pen just run round the embossed dots dont be clever about this be random. Glitter up. When its dry and stable glue the tracing paper onto the green foam. Then ripping around the edge.[You want to leave approx. 5mm over hang so it looks like a overhang.

The stamp is stamped onto a red peice of red Fun Foam. Be carefull and do not handle to much till its dry. I would use an oil based ink for this.

The card base was made up by cutting the card down to 28cm then dividing the card into 3 different sections you want to score them in the following way:

Section 1 The Raindear. Score at 14cm
Section 2 The Christmas Tree. Score at 3cm - 6cm - 17cm
Section 3 The Bird. Score at 6cm - 12cm - 20cm

When the topper is placed onto each section l trim teach one into size so that it looks like the topper is standing on its own.

The speach bubble is secured into place by gluing onto a sheet of strong clear plastic [this can be from an old or new embossing folder packaging. I never throw them away as they always come handy for something or another]

To hide the bird section l place it onto a foam bolder to give it height.
Take the lights and glue them together and then colour both sides.Taking your smallest hole puncher from the say crocodile make a hole at the top so it looks like a bulb. This is then threaded onto the silver cord and a knot secured into place.

There you have it. I hope it gives you some ideas that you might explore on your own crafty journeys.

Like always if you have any problems send me a message or post a comment and l will get back to you a.s.a.p.

Keep Crafting


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