Monday, 24 October 2011

Cards For Men Challenge 22 - Animals

Well had some fun with this card. It kinda ended up getting messy in the end. I was covered in GREEN! l know and its a white card base.

The Image was one that l have had for a while now. I bought a CD that had a lot of Animal Images on it. Most of them were from old plates that had been made in the Victorian Era.

One of the images l liked above the rest was this one of a Horse. [being a horse lover..] I decided to use this one.

The image was flat coloured in Photoshop. Now if you don't have Photoshop there are a few on the market that are free to download and use. One of them being INKSCAPE and l found a new one over the weekend but l have not road tested it just yet but will do soon is PAINT.NET I have linked both to their download sites.

Now then back to the card. The size is 8X8 and its just plain white card stock.
As the image was quite life like l wanted that to be balanced out by using some 'Drawn imagery at the back and the front. This was then printed out on good quality paper. If l can pass any tip onto anyone 'Its not the printer its the paper you print on' so always buy the best paper you can. You can buy compatible inks for your printer there is a lot of company's out there that will offer that service. this was placed on a green backing sheet that came from my ever growing paper/card stock. I just look at them when l should be using them! [Is it to early to make a resolution to this effect?]

Now then this is where l got messy. The lace ribbon and bow. It was white and then l decided to use an old green ink pad to dye it. Well guess who didnt check what the nozzel size was on the water spray container.. ME! lm sat here typing this up with lovely green fingers and hands. Half a packet of baby wipes cleaned up the mess, thankfully the card was not touched.

The rosette was made by cutting into half a 12" paper strip l had and then using a decorative Martha Stewart punch punched one edge. Then using the design l worked out an equal amount to score down with my paper trimmer and a scoring disc attached into it. A Gold Button that l thought had a 'Horsey feel' was secured in the middle to finish the rosette. The card was constructed and there you have it my entry into the Card Challenge.

If you want to have any further information about the card please contact me and l will do my best to help you.

Keep Crafting



  1. WOW!!! Alan another outstanding card. I do not think you card turn out messy. The horse is beauitful and you are so right about the paper. Great job with the rosette, looks like a ribbon she could of won. Great job on the bow. Thanks for joining us at Cards for Men. Good luck on the challenge.
    Hugz, Pat

  2. Great card - a very robust horse, I love your rosette.
    You can view my card here


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