Friday, 28 October 2011


I have been using a colour laser printer now for a while. At first l could believe that it was a fully working model. I bought the Dell 135cnw from a company called IJT Direct. [First let me say from the off that l am no way connected to this company. I don't recieve any funds for recommending their site or if any one enquires/buys from their site]

The deal was buy 2 sets of start up toner units and you get the printer for FREE. I have had the printer now for 6 weeks and l use it as my main printer. I'm still on the first set of toner cartridges that ;l put in when l bought the machine. I still have the 2nd set waiting to be used up. The printer is 14" wide 8.5" tall and 12" depth. Its not the heaviest printer l have had in the past. When l bought the printer they were not making their own recycled toner cartridges. Saying that this week l noticed that they are now doing so. I bought:
1 x Black
1 x Yellow
1 x Cyan
1 x Magenta for £65. For me that's a great deal as l have paid that in the past for ink units.

Toner is the better of the printing platforms [my own personal view!]. Before now it was never in our pockets for value. The ink companies used to make us pay for the replacement inks when it was cheaper to go out and buy a new printer that's something l never understood. They go on about wastage and land fill, printers play a big part in this. I also donate the toner cartridges into a recycle bucket so that this saves from polluting the ground even more.

So if your in the market to buy a new printer please have a look at the site, dig aound on the internet about how other people have gone on with a laser printer.

Always remember. At the end of the day its the paper we use and not the printer we use. Its just my choice is now a Laser printer

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