Wednesday, 7 December 2011


photo inspiration
This is the photo that Crafty Creations based the challenge on. Any thing from the photo could spark  the inspiration for the card design

When l saw this photo, some of the elements reminded me of my holiday where i went to a few small Spanish and Italian villages.
It was the wooden table that drew my focus.

I didn't want to do another Christmas card as there are a lot already out there. So i came up with this design.

I used a set of stamps that you use to build up an image. [As l have to buy their products i will just say that they have a cartoon cat as a logo].

I wanted to get the feel of looking into a house through a window. I would be hard to make or build up an scene inside that looked right so i thought why not cut right through the card so that when you are looking through the card you get to look at what's behind it. Be that a wall or where the card is then placed.

After l had stamped out all the images, i was going to build up the card. Now then this is where l made a mistake but it worked out. I did stamp onto a glossy card surface thinking it was another brand.

When l came to colour the image in i was using watercolour based pens. they just lay on the surface and didn't look right. so taking a tool we all have [a finger tip] l started to dab and move the ink around the paper. By blending two colours together i was able to give the walls and the wooden parts some depth and texture.

I was colouring in the flowers when it hit me that it was not looking right so l dived into my Flower soft and this was the end result.

The wooden window covers were secured in place by building one edge higher than the other by using  a good strong clear glue. This again would give depth as the flower soft was doing this as well.

The brown card was treated by using a wall embossing folder and a sand paper block. The edges were then scrapped using my edge scrapper.

I hope you like it and that it might inspire you to try some elements of the card.

Keep happy and Crafting.

As normal if you want to know anything about this card please send me a message.


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  1. Oh Alan that is stunning I love the colour choice and the scene. hugs Shirleyxx


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