Monday, 26 December 2011


Well the day came and went, i managed to make the dinner without setting fire to the kitchen, saying that we had to go with out the stuffing and alas [sob sob sob] the cranberry sauce. I was going to make my own as i have a freezer full of those little berries. Ahh well maybe next year.
The day was a nice one, was it me or was there a distinct lack of telly for the over 12’s? i mean it started to look up after 7pm when Dr Who was on and then the evening started to look up viewing wise.
Now then i have decided to take or should i say re take up hand knitting, so armed with some pennies from a Christmas gift i marched of down to that crafting super store. ISNT EVERYTHING SO EXPENSIVE. l mean it would cost anything up to £35 to make a scarf in some of the wools i wanted. [I just wanted a scarf not but shares in the sheep farm!!]
So i ended up buying 2 great big 500grams balls. Not what i wanted but as i needed two yarns on the needles this would have to do. I will post a few photos of my scarf as its growing.. so far i have done 13 rows then decided that the pattern was to holey so had to reduce down in needle size. Ahh well its going to keep me busy all year. So this now joins the ranks of the ‘Woollen Authentic Kitting Frame Bed Throw’,.. that's still a work in progress and so far its approx 2 feet in length.
Hang on lm sure i have a photo on my computer of what im doing….. i knew that i had an old photo that i had sent into the crafting shopping channel. Not bad eh?
Anyway i just wanted to take this opportunity to wish you all a great holiday time. I know some of us are not surrounded by family or friend's and it can be a lonely time. I just wanted to let you know if your going through this season alone that im thinking about you. I myself have been in this position more than once so i can empathise. So im wishing you all a good holiday and may 2012 be the year your going to be surrounded by new friends who are going to enrich your world even by just a small amount. As they say from small acorns does the mighty oak grow.
Enjoy the rest of the week and i look forward to making this blog a place of friendship for you all. A place where we can do some crafting, have a laugh and mostly become friends.
On another note i have been asked to join another D.T. CRAFTY CARDMAKERS I hope you will take some time out from your day and have a look at what they are all about, and maybe joining in a challenge or two.
Well going to head off now so have a great time and i look forward to a very Colourful, Craftiness 2012.
All my best wishes to you all.

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  1. Oh Alan, it looks as if your going to be busy with that scarf its beautiful. Happy New Year to you. hugs Shirleyxx


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