Thursday, 1 December 2011


This challenge made me dig deep into the ever growing card styles and techniques.
I wanted the card to be for a boy, so l had to search that little bit more as there is not a lot of imagery for the younger teen [however this has been addressed by the wonderfull cd from Polka Doodles PRETTY TUFF. A must for any crafter with  teenagers in mind.
I then explored the MAGICAL WINTER MULTI BUY and found the right images l wanted for this project.

How to make.
You will need 2 sheets of A4 card. This has to be trimmed on the long edge to 8 inches. [so the card is now 297mm x 8 inches]
The card is then folded in half and then the outside edges folded into the center to make a long thin shapped card.
Now then this where the fun starts.......
Place the A5 size card onto your trimmer. [The folded edge is butted up against the ridge. Then each edge is then at 2 half inches cut into untill you have reached the FOLDED where you folded the A5 size into its self.
Turn the card around and again making suure the closed edge is butted up to the trimmers ruler edge and again at 2 half inches cut into the card till you reach the marks made by the folding the card into its self.

So when you have oppened the card you have two parallel horizontal cut lines.

Now then with the other sheet of card place it into your card and make sure its butted up to the center. What you are doing is making two 'Ribbons' that will be weaved into the ist card. I cant give you a measurement as you may have over cut the the card 1. When you have cut out two strips you take the first one and go over the bottom and under the middle then coming over the top just as if you were weaving. Then with the 2nd card strip do the complete opposite to the first one.. Trim the edges and fold in half.
Placing the Decorations:
When you look at your card you have to treat it as if there are 4 panels [Think stain glass window]
I took my 'A5'  images and then cut them in half. l then secured into place.  Do this for both sides. Now then  fold the card inside out and pull the two edges apart. This will give you your hidden pannel. Its made into 6 pannels. What l did was take my printed out image and cut into 6. This was then secured into place on this page.

When printing the insides your going to cut out. Use a thinner paper as heavy card will gi9ve you bulk and the folding might now work as well as it should.

To finish the card off l just used some of my Peel off's that we al have in our crafting stash.

If you have any problems on this card pleaase send me an email and l will do my best to help you out.

Keep happy and crafting



  1. Great idea for a card Alan, love the images!!

  2. Super card - great fun! Cheers Claire x


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