Friday, 3 February 2012

Polka Doodles D.T. ~ Team A ~ Show us some Love ~ Card Challenge.

Show us some Love and create something which includes hearts. For this i wanted to make a card that can be constructed by just printing out from a cd and then building up a card that you can give out to anyone.  This can be transferred into any card project your going to be working on.

For this project i used 2 fab cd’s from Polka Doodles and they are Double Sprinkle of Kraft and Sugar Birdies Collectors. Both available from the Polka Doodles site. Just click on the name you like to be taken to the web site.


2 x A4 200gsm [or higher] Card Stock
1x A6 Pink/Purple Card Stock.
Gel Gloss - Clear Glitter Pen – Coloured Glitter Pen – Blue Grey Pro Marker [just a colour for edging the main topper]
Double Sided Tape
Good Wet Paper Glue
Craft knife - Scissors - Metal Edged Ruler - Paper Trimmer – Scoring board – 2” Circle Punch.
Dimensional Stickers or Foam Pads


Marianne’s Rose Die
Marianne’s Small Flourish Die [Check the web site by clicking on the text to visit the store to check for items in stock its growing all the time]
Die Cutting machine


1x A4 Backing paper.
1x Hearts Paper Topper Sheet
1x Main Image Topper  [approx A6 in size mine was 6” x 4.5”]
1 Complimentary backing paper [this will be just a bit larger than the topper paper]
Ix Paper Ribbon [from one of the ribbons available in the folders.]
3x Small flowers
1x A5 double Sided Paper [will explain how to in main text]
1x Main  Flower
1x Flower with Sentiment [this will fit into the Centre of the larger flower]


Secure the backing paper onto one of the blank A4 white card stock. When this is secured you can trim off the edges to make clean edges.

Take this card to your scoring board and using the edge line of the topping paper score down this to make your fold line. Trim off leaving just 2 cm edge for your double sided tape.

When you have placed the tape onto the card, remove the covering, [here is a great tip that l find a must. Take your glue stick and wipe across leaving a fine layer on it.] You will find that this gives you some help when your placing the back onto the front. I also find this tip works great for dimensional’s as well. Don’t worry it dry’s and gives a great bond.]

To finish of the backing paper take your Glitter Gel Pen and just highlight some of the flowers, be random don't follow a pattern. Take a leap of faith that it's going to be fine. I do know there are a few crafters that when asked to do random it brings them into a blind panic. So take a deep breath..... a stiff swig of Tea or Coffee and go for it.

Now that we have our card basic done we can move on to the best bit BUILDING IT UP ALL THE DECORATION'S YIPPIE!!!!!!!!

Taking your Main topper secure onto the backing paper and then place onto your card. I went for a top right corner placement.

The next bit is something that l personal do when it comes to cutting things out. Before cutting i go around the image with a Blue/Grey marker pen. This i find helps when it comes to cutting out. Im not the best and totally admire the crafter’s who can cut out such great detail.

When you have gone round the image you will find that leaving a little boarder say 8th of an inch or 4/5 mm your cutting out will not stand out if you make small cutting errors. This way you dont have to cut spot on [I feel another YIPPIE coming on now]. To give the image some decoration i used my clear glitter pen to give some detail to the hat and jumper ribbing. The gloss pen was used to highlight The Lady Bug. Foam pads were put on the back and then put to one side.

Now then before you put your Image topper onto the card we have to place the ribbon. After you have cut it out [use a paper trimmer for this. However if you are comfortable with a crafting knife PLEASE use a metal edge ruler as this will make your edge a lot neater and protect your ruler

Double sided tape and place where you like and feel the composition is working for you.
Lets now move onto the text topper. If you cant find the image you want the files in Polka Doodles cd’s will give you the opportunity to build up your own.

There are a great selection of black flowers that you can add to. I took the text i wanted and then with a punch i just cut out what i wanted and then secured on top of the blank flower. To give the flower a bit of sparkle i just edged the flower with my coloured glitter pen.

When that was dry Foam Pads were placed on the back.

Now then the double sided paper. When you have printed out one side put the paper back into the printer paper tray and re print.

Now then in my printer its a Brother i put the paper back with the printed side UP.

This way the printer will print on the other side. Just try by printing out [use your plain printer paper for this]  a small black and white image or a line of text. Print out and then when you put it back just write on the paper THIS WAY UP. print again.

When it comes out you will know what way to put the paper back. Now then i have to stress when your doing double sided prints, please use good quality paper. Even if that means raiding the posh white paper stock.

Taking the double sided paper place it in your embossing machine using the Marianne Rose die [cut out 3 layers of the paper leaving a small margin around place all 3 into a pile so you cut one time only] also place your flourish onto the plate and then run through the machine.

Roll up the roses and secure into place using the wet glue.

Now then what if you don’t have the Rose die ‘What can i do?’ i hear you ask.

Well there is a solution.

Take a standard Cup or mug and draw round the base. On each circle take your pencil and draw a circle line that goes from the edge into the centre a spiral is what your aiming for. Cut this out so you have a long strip. Use the outside of the strip and then roll into a bud.

Keeping the base of the flower as level as possible. When its rolled up use the wet glue and secure the end of the spiral into its self. While keeping it secure let it relax so that it can unroll a little. This is when you can control what size flower head you want to use.

After i had made the flowers and let them dry. I took the 3 smaller flower heads that i had printed out and edged them with the Glitter pen. This ties everything in.

To anchor the small flowers and the rolled flowers l cut out 3 small hearts. Mine were 1 inches tall. [i did cut mine out using a electronic cutting machine. You can get the same effect via a punch or even free hand.]

To make sure your hearts are equal first make a template. This can be done by folding some scrap paper in half and then drawing half a heart using the folded edge ans the centre. Cut out and there you have it your template for your hearts. Just turn the card stock over to the reversed side draw round your template and then cut out.

We can now start to build up the card. Place the text topper where you want as you can see mine was top right corner. As i had placed the main image to the left the 3 small hearts were placed on the right to give it some balance.

The small flourish was placed under the text to make the image look as if there is a covering and protecting the image.

Before you secure everything have a play, explore all placements as your trying to get the card to have some flow.

When your happy remove the backing from your foam pads and secure into place.

Hope you find some inspiration from my card and as per normal if you have any questions pleas send me a message and i will get back to you a.s.a.p.

Happy Crafting

Please forgive my spelling and grammar. I do tend to rabbit on a bit both in speech and text. So any questions please ask.


  1. Alan - is gorgeous. Love the little scene. Amazing
    Have a nice weekend
    Doreen xx

  2. Hi Alan, wow that is truly gorgeous I love that image and your papers. hugs Shirleyxxx

  3. Great card Alan and love that quote. OMG how good are you writing out instructions . . I can just about cope writing out my blog post!

    Have a great weekend,


  4. A lovely card Alan, love the image and the soft delicate colours you have used on it


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