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Its not often that when you hear something said by a manufacture that when you get the product into your hands its what they said and more.

Well i can only recommend so highly that you get your crafting hands on the glue that IndigoBlu produce called FLITTERGLU ITS JUST ONE OF THE BEST GLUES L HAVE COME ACROSS WHEN IT COMES TO STAMPING. I don't highly recommend a lot of things but this glue is something that i do. I’m looking forward to making a lot more cards using this product.

Right back to the card.

This stamp comes from a set of stamps from Artemio called STITCH WORK. As you have guessed i just love this style of stamps that they produce. So much so i will be making some more cards using 2 more stamp sets from this company. If you want to add any of these stamps please click onto the name ARTEMIO and it will direct you to the web site so you can look at all the stamps this wonderful company produce.


1 x 8”x82 White card base

1x 7”x7” Black card Stock

1x 6.6”x6.5” Backing Paper Complimentary to your Colour scheme

1x 2.5”x5” White Water colouring Paper

1x 9” Green Ribbon

1 x Pot of IndigoBlu Glue and Foam Pad [provided]

Green Ink Pad – Red Ink Pad. [As i was using Pro-Markers l used Memento Lady Bug and Memento Bamboo Leaves

Red and Green Pro-Marker

Dimensional or 3D glue

Fine Clear Glitter

Glossy Accents embellishment.

Normal Crafting Equipment.



First take your black card stock and cut out from the middle a 4”x6” extra piece of card stock. It will be covered up by the backing paper so why waste good card stock?

Then using the backing paper secure into place by double sided tape or your normal glue. Then while you have your glue out place this in the middle of your white card stock. Place to one side.

Now this is the fun part GLITTER!!!

Follow the very easy instructions on how you make your pad ready for stamping. When it is ready take the large flower from the delightful Stitch Work stamp set and start to do light tapping onto the foam pad. When the stamp is covered stamp the black card stock in a random manner. At this point your making a backing style paper.

When your happy that you have covered the card [Please don't forget stamp off the card as well. When doing this place your card stock onto a piece of scrap paper.

Now then the next step is VERY VERY IMPORTANT. You have to clean your stamps right away in warm water using a mild soap. Also while your there wash the pad carefully and then place to one side to air dry.

The makers of this glue say that the image you have stamped will stay tacky for a few hours. I have not put this to the test but lm sure there is some one out there in crafty land who will do just that and report to us all.

The card was then secured into place on the backing paper. I went just a little of centre as when l was going to place my stamped layer it would balance out width wise. There is no rule that says you have to build up in exact placements. Just play with your papers and what your working with. If your not to sure then do a little sketch or cut scrap paper into the sizes you want and play with placement.

Now then lets get all glittered up. Take your glitter and cover the glued images. You will be very surprised on how good your stamped image has be reproduced at this point. I then took a soft brush and just brushed of all the glitter that had not been secured onto the card.

Place this to one side and lets get stamping. When the main flower head had dried, i stamped the image using the red ink onto the water colouring card. i also at this point stamped onto some scrap paper so l could make a mask.

Then placing the mask on top of the image l stamped over making a stem using one of the flourishes. Next i took the smaller heart stamp and stamped twice, this was going to make leaves.

Taking my green pro marker i just followed the line of the stitched line and filled in the leaves. I did the same with a soft red pro-marker with the flower.

Taking the Glossy Accents i flooded the flower making sure i followed the area of the flower.


You will have to place this to one side to air dry. When it was dried i placed the stamped image into the freezer for 15 minutes. Then when i had reclaimed it i carefully bend the flower head so that the glossy accents would break into little lines.

Don't worry it will not fall off the stamped image. If you want to have a play first just take a stamped image and follow the instructions above and just see how you can bend and ‘Break’ the flooded area. This gives the glossy fill an antique feel.

Just play have fun… 


Now its time to build the card. Before this i have a little tip for you. When you cut your ribbon does this happen?

Ribbon 1

Well then a small crafty item called IMAGINISCE RIBBON CUTTER it will become an important part of your crafting. The results are just fab. Here is a sample of the green ribbon when i trimmed it to size:



Lets now build up the card. The ribbon was secured into place just below centre and then the stamped image was placed on the top layer. You can use the dimension glues that are out there or your foam tape/pads.

Once again i have not put a text layer on to the card as i did not want you to think it was just a birthday card. It can be for anything you want. Changing the backing paper and ribbon gives it a complete new feel.


Any problems give us a shout and i will do my best to help where and when i can.


Have fun and enjoy your crafting


  1. Wow Alan, that stamp makes such an effective background.

    Have to say I completely agree about the FlitterGlu, it's one of those products that really does what it says. I have searched for so long for a gluepad or similar for stamping but this product is perfect for the job.

    As for the ribbon trimmer. Isn't it a bit of a faff having to heat it up to trim a couple of ends?


  2. love green, it's my fave colours. I've got some flitterglu but have yet to use it at home, i did a workshop with indigoblu at Harrogate last year, used it and had to have it but haven't used it yet! typical. i love that ribbon cutter, looks like a great gadget.

  3. Hi all,
    Lin the ribbon cutter heats up in a matter of seconds. It takes just as long as finding your scissors. If your like me l have scissors for paper and fabric. This gadget just fits into a top pocket and takes 4 AA battery's. It does solve a lot of problems with those fabrics that are woven and unravel when cut.
    Youy can also do those pointed end bows by just folding the ribbon in half. I was a bit like your good self Lin but after playing with it all l can say is that lm very impressed.


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