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Quick 30 min Card
Have you ever been in the position when you needed to make a card and all the time you have to complete this task is 30 - 45 minutes?
Well help is at hand with a set of stamps from STAMPENDOUS called GARDEN BEAUTY.
STAMPENDOUS! Perfectly Clear Stamp Set - Garden Beauty
This set of stamps are just perfect to build up a card as they have everything you want. A topper as well as some Text that’s open to both Male and Female. Here l have used some Spectrum Noir Pens. you don't have to use Alcohol pens this will work just as well with your Water Colouring pens. [I have been exploring the Tim Holtz Markers. There will be a few projects posted up soon where l have used the pens but not just as you would use them.

Right back to the card…..

1 A5 White Card I had a odd card that was part of a pack. A4 White Card folded in half would be the same or if you ran the card through your Die Cutting Machine to give a decorative edge.
White Card Stock to Stamp your topper and sentiment. You can use Personal Impressions A4 Premier Quality High Gloss White Coated Card
Pink and Green Patterned Paper
Small Flower and Leaf Die Cutting Folder. [If you don’t have a small flower folder then no doubt in your embellishment folder you will have some left over from another project. Or have a look in your stamps and see if you have a small flower and leaf stamp.
I have used 2 layers of Ribbon. 1 was a silver cake ribbon that was recycled when l went to a party and the other was Ribbon from my stash.
Silicone Glue
Collection of Alcohol pens I have used Spectrum Noir..
Spellbinders Label die.
Cosmic Shimmer Coloured Pearlescent PVA Berry Red
Metallic Marker
Glue, Scissors Ruler etc.

Taking your main topper stamp onto some good white card stock that will give a good finish when your using Alcohol Pens. Don’t worry if the colour starts to bleed at the back of your card stock this shows its a good card stock for these pens.
The butterfly's are separate from the image so you can add just one or even non its your choice to build up this image. Tip No 1. Make sure that you keep an eye on the space needed. Place your Spellbinders die or if your using a plastic/card cutting frame over the card and make light marks so you know what your design area will be.
Put to one side and then stamp your phrase.
Picking up your main topper start to build up the colours. Don't worry if it does not turn out to be a master piece. This is fun and its meant to be fun so just relax and go for it. If your not to use about what colours to use have some spare card at your side so that you can test the colour out. I always do this as its a way to make sure your okay with that pen. It also helps when your coming to build up shadows. By layering colour onto your tester sheet your not spoiling your main topper. You could save this tester for future ref. Just write down what colours you have used and then when you need to make another one after some one has seen your card.
When the image was finished l took my spellbinders die and then cut it out. Now then if you look at a spellbinders cut out when its card there is already an impression. If you take a marker you can follow the lines and fill in the edge so that it looks like its been placed onto another coloured card stock.
Now then the ribbon. Finding where the centre of the card is place the bottom edge along this line. Then place the other ribbon in the middle of that ribbon. The reason l did this was as there is going to be a text layer the ribbon if it was centred would be hidden so why bother?
Now then the text layer. Just taking a trimmer, trim it down so that there is approx. 1 cm edge all round. Then using a corner punch l just soften the corners. Then using a black marker l added 3 dots to the corner to give a little detail.
The flowers were cut out using the small die that l had. At this point you would use the flowers you have in your stock, stamped images etc. There are 3 layers to my flowers and l added a small dot of Cosmic PVA into the centre of each flower to give some detail.
Always remember when it comes to flowers/buttons etc. its always 3’s 5’s 7’s never do equal amounts. Its one of those written design rules that are across all crafting and design arenas.
When the topper and flowers had been placed, add a small mound of silicone glue on each corner of the phrase and carefully place into position.
There you have it a easy quick card that you can colour in fully or take a water based ink and then using a water brush pull in the colours to fill it in. A quick tip, take your heat gun and give it a quick blast. This will fix the stamped image and the colour will not be dragged into the image as easily. You can always put a dab of the ink onto a tile and refresh the brush that way as well.
So there you have it a quick card that can be built up as bright and coloured as you want or just use one colour and a water brush.
As per normal please contact me if you want any information about this project.
Happy crafting

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  1. Great card, Alan! I do like that stamp set, especially being a gardener myself (when I have the time). Fab image, lovely sentiment and pretty flower embellishments. Great tutorial, too! Lisa


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