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Welcome to your new Roost
This card was made by using the other fab set of stamps from Artemio called PICOTI PICOTS that l have mentioned and are available from THATS CRAFTY. Just click onto the link to be taken straight to the store, where you can also look at the vast wonderful range of stamps from this very Trendy stamp maker.
Please don’t feel you have to have all the equipment to make this card. Its the stamps that are the main focus. Also as a wonderful set of images you can build up loads of different cards for all occasions.
I will be adding lots more of ARTEMIO stamps so watch this blog for lots more inspiration and tips and tricks.

1] 7 x 10 inch Card blank
1x Sheet Backing paper
10 inches of coloured ribbon cut into 2
I have used 2 layering Spellbinders dies. However if you don't have these then you can get the same effect by using patterned scissors or if you do not have those in your crafty stash don't despair. Draw out an oval and just carefully rip round round your drawn outline and then with a soft rubber just remove your lightly drawn line.
White stamping paper
Coloured Backing paper for the topper.
Various Pro- Markers or colouring medium of your choice. The only rule of this is make sure you use the right ink pad for the correct colouring in medium. Pro Markers or the like take a PIGMENT INK Pad where as Water colouring medium takes a DYE INK Pad. Go to THATS CRAFTY as they have a wonderful selection of inks that will fit into any crafting project that you may want to undertake.
Small Hole Punch or Crop – a – Dile
A6 Silver Mirror Card
Fancy edge punch
Small corner edger [This is a must have punch. They just soften the corner of a card so gives you the opportunity to make a different style of card design
Normal Crafty equipment/Stash that's we have all had and built up over the years of crafting.


Taking my scrap paper i started to build up my scene. Like i have mentioned this way you can find out if you have to make any masks.
When i was happy with the composition i transferred the draft scene onto my good quality White paper.
Then using my selected pro-markers [or what ever colouring medium you are going to use, build up the image and give it some colour. Now then if you don’t have any colouring mediums like pro-markers you can use your Distressing inks these are water based and can be used as a painting medium. Just put some ink onto a glossy surface and using a water colouring brush colour in.
Tip No1. To find a eye line to ground your image just take a pen in ‘Earthy Colour’ just draw a few lines and dots across the paper missing out the image. This will just give you an impression of ‘3 D’ so to speak.
Then taking my spellbinders die i selected the area that i wanted to use.  Cut it out and then taking a larger die i cut out a topper.

Tip No.2 Place a smaller die and put it into the centre of the larger dies. So that after you have cut out the base for the topper you have an extra topper to be used at a later date. [i personally don't cut out a large topper and then use it whole. I always cut a centre out and put aside.]
The backing paper i choose to use to back the white card fortunately had a small border at the base. By careful placement i was able to trim of the banner and then re use it as a ribbon on the card.

The sentiment was again made by picking out a type face on my computer and typed out what l wanted to say. If you are struggling to do this please email THATS CRAFTY and l will put something similar onto the blog in various sizes. So you can download, print and then cut out.
The text was then placed onto the mirror card. To make this secure as its a clear sealed surface you need to use a good strong clear glue. Its like the inks we use. When you want to stamp onto a glossy surface then you use a Solvent Based Ink Pad.
When the glue had dried i took my  Crop – a – Dile and punched two small holes at each corner. Then threaded half of the ribbon into each hole. I tend to go in from the Front this way it cover's up the hole and makes the knot a lot better [its just my own personal preference].
The next stage is building the card together. Again just play with placement try different angles. When your happy secure the components to the card base.

There you have it a fun welcome to your ‘New Home’ card.

As per normal please contact me directly if you need to know anything else about the card.

Be safe and happy Crafting


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