Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Butterfly in sepia
I set my self a task when l received this wonderful set of stamps from INDIGOBLU called Wild Meadow available from THATS CRAFTY.
I wanted to use all the stamps in the set on one project. Now this is something that you cant normally do as there are what l call fillers in most stamp sets.
Normal white card stock A4 x 3
ESPRESSO Adirondack Earthtones Ink Pad.
LATTE Adirondack Earthtones Ink Pad
A4 Gold Mirror card
Length’s of Brown and Gold Ribbon
A4 backing sheet from my collection.
Normal crafting stock items ie Glue Gun runner, Water Brush, Scissors, Ruler, Knife etc..
Firstly l constructed my card from the white card stock. As it was a true A4 i had to make a folding gusset to construct the card.
Then using the glue tape runner l secured the backing paper onto my card front. This was then stamped over the edges by using the Floral scrolled stamp. [1 down 4 more to go!]
When it was dry using the Hougie Board, i made a embossed line approx. half inch along all the edges. We sometimes forget that we can make a simple decoration by just making an embossed line along the edge of the card.
Using the NEENAH CLASSIC CREST White Card i started to construct my image. Using the Meadow base l stamped that image. Then by carefully selecting the densest area l stamped the Dandelion stamp. I picked this area so that the lines of the dandelion wouldn't stick out and not feel part of the same image.
The butterfly was the last stamp to be used to complete the scene. Using a water colouring brush l just dragged the colour into the centre from the stamped image to give a slight hint of a colour.
I cut this out and then gutted some Gold Mirror Card [i then used this for the sentiment stamp!] Mounted the image onto the gold card and placed to one side.
The sentiment was then stamped onto some NEENAH CLASSIC CREST White Card card [YIPPIE!!!!! used all the stamps!] This was again mounted onto Gold Mirror card.
Before i secure all the parts of the card i like to place them onto my card base and then play with the placement of each layer. The text in the end was placed on the edge of the card so that it gave the final images a wider feel. I mounted the sentiment with some double sided glue pads.
The ribbon was placed just off centre width wise. This again was to make the final image feel taller. Its important that you think about placement and you don't let your main images get lost on your card. Like wise its important that you don't swamp the card with your image. Its a very fine balancing act, that's why i always play with the final placement before l attack it with my glue runner lol
There you have it a card made using all the elements of a stamp set. [You cant say that about a lot of stamps!] This image can be taken in one colour tone or you can get your water colours out and go to town. Just remember use the right ink for the medium your going to use to colour.
Any questions drop me a liner.

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  1. Hi Alan that is gorgeous, I love the mono look and this card is just fabulous. I hope your feeling better today. hugs Shirleyxxxx


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