Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Pink Corset

Well i was not in a good mood today. I couldn't find a crafting disc l wanted, That will teach me to have a tidy up session in the craft room!

So as l have been watching the Crafting Diva called Sue Wilson l just had to get my spellbinders dies out and do something.

I had just take delivery from Thats Crafty with my UMount Antique Dressforms, Vintage Lingerie and Sewing Elements i was itching to have a play.

So armed with the corset as my main image [oh on a personal not it was one of the best stamping impressions l have had for a few months!] I set about making this card. I have also got to let go and use my paper and card stash. I have been collecting them for way to long, resorting to designing myself rather than use what i have.

I also had the thrill of seeing the card on C&C and it has been passed onto Sue, who also noticed the stamp as one of ‘Theirs’ which was a double Yea Me!.

I had all but forgotten where my disc was…. but then the P.O.T.W came on and they are from the same crafting stable.

Now where did l put that disc…………

Any questions please send me a message and l will reply as soon as possible

Happy Crafting


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