Monday, 21 May 2012

Butterfly's over a meadow


Butterflys over a Meadow

This stamp was from another great set of stamps by IndigoBlu called POPPY MEADOW and its available from THATS CRAFTY on Line Store. Its another set of high quality stamps that can be used for any occasion. IndigoBlu stamps have to be included as a MUST HAVE! in our crafting collection.


A4 White Made up Card. A5 Silver Mirror Card, A5 Stamping Card, Big and Juicy Foliage Stamp Pad, 2 lengths Ribbon [Different styles], That Special Touch A4 Mask – Autumn Leaves, Sanding Block, Sheet of Coredinations Card {if you don't have any of this style then any Brown paper will do just be careful when scuffing the face of the card]. With this card you do need to have the Grand Calibur, However don't let this put you off. I'm sure that crafters will find a way round most ideas and tips!. Spellbinders Label's Die.A Spellbinders Butterfly Die, A5 Greaseproof Paper, A5 Vellum Paper in various colours. Walnut Stain – Vintage Photo Distressing Ink Pads, A Make-up sponge, Water Brush, Normal crafting items from our crafting bin.



As you know l speak very highly of the Friskars East Stamp Press, it came into its element when l wanted to stamp this image.


As l was going to use Big and Juicy

l had to have the stamp placed onto a large surface that can be inked and then stamped. This crafting item lets me do this and then stamp and place the image without having to panic and make a stamped image that is not 100%!. With Big and Juicy you have to place the pad onto the stamp and press. [If you are not familiar with this Large Stamp pad it is a pad that is graduated with different hues to make up a pad. It is a Raised Felt Dye Based Ink Pad and comes in several colours.They were a must have but alas seam to have taken a back seat for a while!

Right once l had stamped the image l took my water brush and just did a little touch up to make sure the stamp had stamped all over. Then l place aside to dry.

When it comes to making the backing sheet l will hold my hand up and say that l don't use what l don't have to! So taking the right size of Die and then one several sizes smaller l cut out the Silver backing card. Saving the middle for another project later.


The card face was made by placing the A4 Mask on the base platform for the Caliber then the paper was placed onto the mask. A Embossing Mat was then placed on top of the card followed by the recommended top plate. [NEVER FORCE  THE PLATE THROUGH THE MACHINE ALWAYS TAKE YOUR TIME].

Now that l have my backing paper l took my sand paper block and started to distress the card. As it was a Coredinations card it has a middle core that's a complimentary colour.

While my machine was out l took the opportunity to make up the butterfly's. This time l did a sandwich of Grease-proof paper and the Vellum. I was going to use the grease-proof paper as a bottom Layer to give the card some depth.

This was then secured onto the A4 card base by using a strong double sided tape.

l placed it onto my crafting desk so l could work out the placement of all the components. I do this before l take the final step and secure into place.


I had to next decide where the Butterfly’s to go. So with a soft pencil made a mark on the card front. I did this so l could with the aid of my Make-up sponge lay a thin layer of ink to give a shadow effect under the butterfly’s. I used a bit of scrap card but l did not throw away the butterfly’s they were placed in to the crafting box.


All l had to do now was to construct the card.


I hope that this card gives you some fresh ideas?

Any questions please send me a message and l will do my best to help you.



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