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When l received this set of stamps from GRAPHIC 45 called OLDE CURIOSITY SHOPPE1 available from THATS CRAFTY on line. The one stop shop for all your crafting GOODIES!

Anyway when l looked at the set of stamps l always say ‘Okay how can l build up a crafting project with these?’ Well l have to be honest and say at first it just did not connect to me and l put them away in the stamps holiday home. Then a few weeks later l was just looking through my books [This is something l always do to maybe get that Light bulb moment’ Well l saw this image and then WHAM it hit me
I just had the right set of stamps. So please don't be disheartened when you buy a set of stamps and when you get them your faced with a total blank. Don't worry You bought the stamp sets for a reason. Your crafting mojo will always be honest with you and  you will find that spark.

So that's how this card was thought up. It is an ‘homage’ to the 1920’s. [But don't ask me how they managed to do Keep Fit in a corset like that!] I also wanted to bring that Steam Punk feel with Metal Flowers.


8” x 10” card base
A5 White Card used for Stamping
A4 sheet Purple Glitter
A4 Sheet of Backing Paper.
20” of silver metallic ribbon
14” of two different widths of Matching Ribbon. [I used Purple as the card was Purple Glitter]

10 x Milk Bottle tops. What your looking for is a SOFT Metal Roasting foil is to thin Drinks Can to heavy. Have a look at this Crafting Metal.
Metal die of a Flower and a Leaf – A Edge Punch. Here l used two Edgabilities from Spellbinders. You can use any edge punch with this project.If you dont have these then a Edge Punch and a Ribbon Hole Punch will work just as well
Versafine Onyx Black Ink Pad
Water Brush
Water colouring mediums. I only used 4 for this project 3 were Aqua Markers Metallic and a T.H . Spun Sugar Marker
3 Brads for the Flower Centre.
Your normal Crafting Goodies.


Using the stamp your going to have to multi stamp along a drawn line. This is not as hard as it sounds. The stamp has a wonderful accurate reproduction of the stamped image on the reverse. This makes multi stamping an easy task.

Practice on some scrap paper just so that your going to be okay when it comes to stamping the image 4 times in a row.

When your happy take your white Stamping paper and then go for it. Relax when your doing it take your time.

Place to one side to dry.

While your waiting for the stamped image to dry the next task is to secure your glitter paper/card onto your White Card Base. Now then if your like me you will ‘GUT’ the card before you secure into place. I mean why keep it on the card when it is going to be covered???? So taking a rough measurement of the stamped area, then your topper area you will have an idea of what is going to be covered up.


Cut this area out of the card and then secure onto the card. Don't worry if your not comfortable doing this. I'm just mean when it comes to my paper/card lol.

You now want to trim the stamped are to the finish size that you want. This has to be done before we tackle the next stage.

Place the newly trimmed image onto your paper. Then using a ruler measure out the same distance top and bottom so that you have a margin surrounding the Stamped image. This line will now give you your cutting line so that when it comes to make your embellished edge you can.

I used my Edgabilities and managed to put the dies on top and bottom as l have 2 sets of the cutting edges. I recommend that if you can its well worth adding 2 to your collection. That way you can cut any length or width easily.

Right you now have a topper that has been cut. All that needs toi be done is thread your ribbon through each side. If you don't have an Edgabilities that cut Ribbon holes then just use a ribbon hole punch. There are always ways round things to help us.

Place the topper onto your card followed by the ribbon. At this point your not going to glue. All your doing is checking placement before we secure into place. When your happy secure the ribbon’s [lay the thinner ribbon on to the wider ribbon buy good double sided tape.]

This is when the fun starts Making Metal flowers. I love playing with different materials to use in my crafting, from Drinks Cans to Metal Pull Rings its all been used and explored as an item for crafting.

I have a container that's filled up with Milk Container tops, Metal Pull Rings, the metal pull off lids. As long as its not to think then metal dies will cut through it.

For embossing its max Dinks Can DONT use it for die cutting as its not worth taking a risk!
Build up the flowers and remember the rule of 3’s 5’s 7’s don't put evens onto you card this goes for any embellishment. Secure a brad or button into the centre and then secure with a strong glue [Hot Glue Gun would be best if you have one]

The final task is to colour your stamped image. I did this last this time as l wanted to fit the colouring in to the feel of the card. Using my water brush and water colouring mediums  l coloured in. I used a very diluted colour strength. It was just a tint of colour. Again practice on some of the card you trimmed of. Always practice your colouring first. Even if that means stamping a spare image.

Let it dry and then secure into place.

There you have it a lavish card that had elements that we would throw away.

Any questions please send me a message.

Happy Crafting



  1. Oh my Alan they are a bit over the top arnt they? not sure we girls look like them, but what a fabulous card, love your colour choice. hugs Shirleyxxxxx


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