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This Tag was created using the great imagery from The Dylusions stable of Stamps the stamp collections used are: PONDERING PETUNIA - DOODLE PARTS - TRAVELING TRAVIS . These and MANY MANY MORE are available from THATS CRAFTY ON LINE STORE. Its a visit l can highly recommend!
The backing Tag Shape and Background design is available from this link- Tag Design Click Here
Pro-Marker or FlexMarker Pens Selection to complement the NEON PENS SET - White Alcohol Colouring Paper/Card - Adirondack Pitch Black Ink Pad - Sharp Scissors - Glossy Accents - Selection of Glitter Sakura Pens - That Special Touch Masks [Here l have used: Argyle and Button 6inch masks] - Molding Paste -Splatula - Selection of  Dylussion Ink Sprays - Rubbing Creams Gold/Silver and Flur de lye coloured] Baby Wipes/Kitchen Paper - Dimensional Clear Glue - Post it Note - Print out of tag - Mounting card [I have used an Manila folder glued together and then cut out.] - Craft Mat - Black marker Pen - Normal Items from your crafty tool box.
After you have printed out the downloaded Tag Shape and then secured onto your backing card, carefully cut around the shape and there you have your A4 tag shape backed ready for you to embellish.
Using the Pitch Black ink stamp out the two figures that have been chosen from a vast collection of stamps from the Dylussion collection. Now then one of the figures doesn't have any HAIR or even a HAT!. This is where you can pick what ever embellishment you want can be chosen. To make the hair style l picked is easy to do with a little fore planning.
Using a Post-It Note just stamp the head and shoulders close to the 'Sticky' end of the post it. Then carefully using sharp scissors cut out the stamped image and try to keep as close to the printed line as possible. This will save time later having to touch up with a black marker pen. However there will be some extra DOTS needed to bring the two stamps together.
Placing the post-it on top of your stamped image ink up the 2nd stamp and with careful placement stamp onto the white card. You can over lap and print onto the post-it its better to do that than be even a few mm away when your then going to have to draw lines to bring it together. Repeat this two times making it look like a Modern hair style.
Now its time to colour in. I have used the Neon set of Pro-markers as l want this to be vibrant and in your face colouring. After all on the catwalks they do use bright over the top colours. When l was happy using a Warm Grey 2 pen l did an outline around the images so that when l cut them out it would not look harsh. if you don't have this pen [l would highly recommend that if you do want to build up a collection of pens then the 3 sets of grey are a must. So much can be done with them not just alone but also combined in layering with other colours.]
The next step was to embellish the tag. I have used the two Masks and some Molding Paste. To do this lay the mask down on top of the surface of the tag. Then carefully with a spatula or even a old credit card/gift card lay down a layer don't make it smooth, don't be over tidy either you want to have some definition and unevenness when you lift up the mask.
This is then the hardest part.. walking away to let the paste dry. You can use a heat gun but that could warp the card. So place aside and do something else.
Now that its dry you can start to build up layers of colour. By rubbing the creams onto the past will add a colour and highlight the texture that you have made. Then taking your spray inks give short sharp blasts. If you have puddles of colour just roll your paper towel over the area and then lift the colour off the surface. [Don't throw these away save them as when you re wet you can use the colours again]
All we have to do now is the placement of the Stamped images. Using the good strong clear glue place a good size dollop. You want to put enough on so that the image is raised up and not on the same level as the molding paste layer that you have done. When your happy the last thing to do is use your Glossy Accents to fill in the 'Glasses' so it looks like there is glass in the lenses. this is a stage you don't have to do its just an extra layer.
There you have it a Large tag that can be given away as a 'Card' or just backed onto a frame and made into wall art.
Any questions please get back to be and l will do my best to help you.
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