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This was another fun project that l really enjoyed making. I wanted to make a Christmas themed project but l didn't want to keep to the norm but have a little twist on the finished project.
The main figure was constructed using once again some of my fav stamps. They are made by DYLUSIONS and the sets l used are TRAVELING TRAVIS and DOOLALLY DORRIS
These and other WONDERFUL Crafting Tools * Mediums * Stamps are all available @ THATS CRAFTY ON LINE STORE. Its a highly recommended visit!
I have made the background available for a FREEBIE Download so if you want it as well as a copy of the A4 tag shape l have used in some projects that's available also by clicking ***HERE***
The background was once again secured into place by gluing together a Cereal Packet and then gluing the backing paper onto this.[turn the box inside out so that the printing is on the inside] - Selection of RED/SKIN/GREY Coloured PRO-MARKERS -  DecoArt Snow-Tex - Ice Stickles Glitter Glue  CRYSTAL ICE - Painting Brush - Foam Pads -  That Special Touch Mask STARS - Spatular - 4" Square of Sack Fabric - Strong Clear Glue - 6" Gold Cord. - Normal items from our Crafting Tool Box ie Craft MatScissorsRuler, Craft Knife etc.
Now then as per normal we are going to break this project down to several parts. The base layer. Embellishing the Base Layer Then The Main Figure.
Right we have secured the print out onto our card base [I may have told you before that l have 2 12" square blocks of MDF that l got from the local DIY Store. They cut it down from scraps and l was told to name my price for these off cuts.. A great deal was done. Then l bought some of those black clamp things that have bright coloured tips. So these are used to keep the blocks together and they do apply some pressure onto the items that are sandwiched between them. I do recommend that you place a layer of Grease Proof paper below the card and above. So that when glue ooozzes out its not going to go into the MDF but onto the grease proof paper this helping you to unfold your project without having to take a say to it so you can remove it!]
Now then while the tag is being secured we can start to build up our main image. The main stamp was the figure from Travelling Travis however the 'Hat' was taken from the Doolaly Doris stamp set. By carefully cutting around the head part and the hat base you can secure the hat to look as if its part of the stamped image.
We can now start to play and colour in. By using several Red Hues and Tones you can build up an interesting image. Then using a Cool Grey 2 go around your image so that when your going to cut it out you can leave a small margin around it. This will also help you when cutting out and you don't have to cut all the way around the black line!
Secure some foam pads on the reverse side of the image and place to one side.
Now then its time to play. Using a spatula or credit card style plastic piece  [Please DON'T  use your CURRENT CARD!] start to lay down some texture onto the tag by using the DecoArt Snow. You don't want to have a flat layer so make small peaks and various heights. Try to build the height around the what area of the backing paper. Try to avoid the images if you go over don't worry scrape it up right away.
Using your Stars mask use the DecoArt and put some star textures onto the top.
Now we have to place to one side and let it dry. So maybe a project to be done before bed or before you have to go out for the afternoon.
When its dry using a brush and the Glitter Stickles lay down a layer of this over the snow and ice. This is to give you that frosted look.
The last thing to do is secure the Main image onto the tag and then add the bag. All l did for this was to cut out a blown up Balloon. You want to leave that bit that's keeping the air in the balloon. This will be the handle when rolled up.
Put a long bead of clear glue around the edge of the material and gently fold in to make a 'Hem'. then place some more glue around the material but not all the way round. Secure this into place and the rolled up end is just squeezed/pinched together to give the bag a neck. All you have to do next is to tie some gold thread around the neck and secure with again a little clear glue.
There you have it a Christmas tag with a slight twist.
Any questions please drop me a line and l will do my best to help out.
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