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i decided this time to go for a Tag Project as i have kind of been making larger projects over the past few weeks. Once again i dipped into another of my favorite stamp designers LYNNE PERRELLA who's range of stamps are part of the PAPERARTSY Stable of Crafting Supplies. These along with a wide range of other crafting goodies are available @ THATS CRAFTY ON LINE STORE. Its well worth a visit!

Manilla Tag
Indian Ink and Pen
Selection of Pro-Markers including the Neon Set
Selection of Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pads and Markers
A5 White Photocopy Paper
2 Home made Paper Beads [made using HOTP Bead Maker Template] ~ Twine for Beads
Tin Cheap as Chips Hair Spray
Sharp tipped Scissors [I can recommend the Tim Holtz Non Stick Micro Serrated Scissors, They do what they say on the label and i never thought that i would say this!]
Tissue [ Just the 1]


This is what we are going to do first. After stamping out the image i quickly dipped the 'wet inked' tag into my Clear Embossing tub. Then using the heat gun and tweezers i heat-embossed the image so that it was now waterproof and no matter what i was going to throw at it the main image would be just as i printed it.

The next job was to take the image and then on some scrap paper make another impression and carefully cut the figure and hat out. This was to become the mask i needed for the next few stages of the project.

Using the selected Pro-Markers l started to add colour onto the Manila tag.

i have found that while working on some surfaces your not to sure about when it comes to working with Pro-Markers, i use a tissue to just dab onto the area just coloured to remove some of the 'colour'.

Using the paper mask i secured it onto my coloured image. i want to protect what i had done. 

Selecting the Masks and the chosen colouring mediums. This time i did not want to use inks when using the masks. i wanted to use the choice of distressing inks. The other reason was that i could regulate the depth of colour that was going onto the surface of the tag. When you use inks your not able to do this unless your using water, which in this case would severely damage the make up of the tag.

Next step was to colour the background. I have not explored what Pan-Pastels can do. However this will change as i have just started to do a Art Journal [more later].
If you look closely you can see how the mask has protected the stamped image.

Using the selected Pastels and the blending tools i started to blend colour on to the tag. As you can see the colour has stayed the same from the tub to the surface. It is a wonderful medium and if possible i can recommend you starting to build up a small collection to aid in your crafting. You will be very surprised at what they can do. Also on y-Tube there are lots of videos helping you to understand what they do. A quick blast of Hair Spray helps fixing the Pastels.

i wanted to add some definition to areas. For example if you look closely at the box around the stamped image, it looks lost after all the work that had been done to the background. By using bright Indian inks that complement the colour scheme i was able to 'define' areas then it did not just 'melt' into the background. This made the stamped figure stand out a lot more.

Last thing to do was to secure the beads onto the tag. Another item i can say is one of my fav's is the Bead Template. i can now use up lots of my scraps that l have trimmed off my projects.
i will do a tutorial on how i have made these beads however that could well be a video as its something i will not be able to photograph to its best advantage.

There you have it a Tag that can be now secured as a focal point on a card and can be given to anyone and for quite a few occasions  any questions please send me a message and i will get back to you a.s.a.p.

Can i also take this opportunity to say that i have made another video this time showing you what i have done in preparing my Art Journal ready for my next long term project. Its just showing you what l have done and there is no techniques as such just a few ideas. I hope it might help new crafters who are scared of that vast white area.
Just click on this link to visit the video... [please be kind in your comments lol]  MY 1st ART JOURNAL.

Thank you for reading this and hopefully visiting the video.


  1. Hi Alan, sorry to hear that youve not been to well again, I do hope you soon are back to being fit again. Wow love your tag, that image is so striking, love the toggles and your gorgeous colour choice. hugs Shirleyxxxxx

  2. Great tag Alan! I kind of have a 'tag thing'. I just got some Pan-Pastels now can't wait to use them. Thanks for sharing the Art Journal video, I learned a few things. Hope to see more of your journal.
    Vicky Briggs


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