Thursday, 18 April 2013


i have been asked to be a Guest Team Designer for BUGABOO DIGI STAMPS. This is something that i have been keeping my fingers crossed for a while now. i have to thank CARDS FOR MEN for being the catalyst for introducing me to this wonderful company when i was luck enough to do a challenge using one of the Digital Stamps last year. Please visit both these site and i hope that you join in with the challenges at Cards For Men where Bugaboo Digi Stamps have been wonderful sponsors on several occasions.


This is just a very tip of the iceberg introduction to digital crafting. These are my views and thoughts so please don't think that they are written in stone and its a case of 'Well if he says its like that then its GOTTA to be TRUE!' thats not the case, these are just my ramblings, i am not a computer 'Nerd' [and l say that in a friendly way]. The insides of a computer are like another world to me and i wouldn't know what this was or that was so please if you want to delve further into this i would advise you to do your own research if you  and not to rely upon what i have said below on this posting, thanks for understanding.

As you know i'm a firm believer that you can be a digital crafter just as much as a Paper crafter. So my aim while using the imagery from Bugaboo Digi Stamps is to show that you can make interesting cards that look as if your did all the cut and pasting yourself and it was not all done in a Design Program.
A lot of companies are now doing VERY VERY GOOD dpi imagery and the ripped paper looks as if it is ripped. As the imagery gets better companies who started to give us crafters digital imagery realise that the bar has been set higher so they in-turn raise the bar to another level. So much so that now with some companies you are just amazed and want to take an embellishment from a card only to realise that its all done digitally.
There are programs out there that enables you to do digital construction, likewise there are companies that have started to realise that there is a market for 'kits' that contain Papers - Embellishments such as Ribbons, Buttons, Staples. The best part of this is that in a lot of cases its all downloadable. So all you have to do is shop, place in your basket, pay and then on receipt of an invoice you're given a link to access your downloads.
These links tend to be 'Live' for a period of time so i would advise you to download the item two or three times, or save to a Portable Hard Drive or a USB Flash Drive. i have a portable hard drive where i can access my files from any laptop or computer i happen to be working on at that moment in time. i also upload any cd's that i have bought onto the p.h.d [portable hard drive] this saves me carrying all my cd's around as well. i can craft on the move without having to pack a crafting bag.
These units have come down in price so much and the size has grown to a point where you can now get 3T p.h.d! i remember the days when you had a memory stick that was 8MB and it cost almost a weeks wage. As laptops become smaller and lighter they are now using Flash Drives instead of the traditional heavy Hard Drives so the storage space allowed will shrink, saying that they are now pushing the memory size of the flash discs and they are up to sizes we thought were just only spoke about in 'Star Trek'
So i would advise that if you would like to dip your toe more and more into digital crafting i would firstly look into obtaining a portable Hard drive that had a USB lead to plug into any computer/laptop.
So PLEASE don't write of digital crafting just yet, give it a try you might be pleasantly surprised at the results, and not just the 'clean up time' after doing a project.


if there are any questions you would like to ask please send me a message and i will do my best to help out if i can.
Thank you for taking the time in reading and visiting my blog i hope you found it interesting and informative.


  1. Hi Alan, wow what a post, well done and so so true, I also have several drives I back my stuff upto. I think your two cards are fabulous, and Im sure they will be well received. Well done you and congratulations on joining the Bugaboo Team. hugs Shirleyxxxxx

  2. Really enjoyed the article and LOVE your cards. Your embellishments are always interesting and like the purple frame around your image in the first card and the second card is just as nice. And congrats on Buggaboo
    Vicky Briggs


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