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i wanted to do a tag that had a little bit extra to it. i had received a new set of stamps and die that deals with just 'Modern Moths~ Butterflies with several stamps to over-print. This stamp/die set is from PAPERARTSY and is called HOT PICK STAMP & DIE 01 and is available from THATS CRAFTY ON LINE. i also revisited an old favourite stamp set called POPPY MEADOW from INDIGOBLU. For the tag l used a 'Stamp Image' Stamp from a set of stamps called CRAFTY ELEMENTS - VINTAGE TICKETS AND EPHEMERA CI307 from CRAFTY INDIVIDUALS these both are also available from THATS CRAFTY ON LINE along with a large selection of stamp sets from these crafting companies.
During this project i also did a little experiment by testing various ink pads on the packing foam, but more of that later.

Selection of: VersaMagic Chalk Ink Pads [these worked best on the Packaging foam sheets]
Adirondack Pitch Black Ink Pad
Page ripped out from an old book. [PLEASE make sure its an old one and not needed by ANYONE]
Flat Plastic packaging ~ Scissors to cut plastic sheets.
Strong Double sided tape.
Selection of Tim Holtz Distress Markers
Trim thats left from another project [Just to add a little embellishment]
Aleene's Original Tacky Glue
Die Cutting Machine
White Foam Packaging ~ If you don't have any then White Stamping Card will work just as well.
Selection of Coloured Glitter Gel Pens


Now then as normal i like to break my projects down into chunks so that its a lot easier to work with and i don't 'Forget' to do something. So lets start with the butterflies/moths first.
i have used that white foam you get wrapped around items in boxes. its not the thick sheets but one that can be wrapped around say a electrical item. As a  crafter i tend to save almost everything and have boxes filled with bubble wrap and plastic 'Just in case...'. if you don't have any then this will work just as well with using white card. This stamp set that i have used is the first stamp and die set i have had in my possession. What attracted me to this was the fact i had lots of choice when it came to decorating the 'Moth' as it gave you several options. So the first thing to do is cut out several of these items and place to one side.

Here i have shown what white card cut out would look.

 Here i have die cut out the 'Moth' from the white foam.

After experimenting i found that the best resulkts were found by using the Chalk ink. The only down side was i had to let the stamped embelishments 'Air' Dry over night as there was no way i could force the issue. So cut and stamp and then leave the craft room or like me move onto the next chunk of this project.

Selection of Chalk Ink Pads ready to stamp onto my die cut-outs.

How the stamped image compares between the two different surfaces.

Using the Large Poppy Stamp you want to stamp out 2. The reason we need 2 is that one will be a top layer. We will bend the edges to give some definition as well as make the poppy dimensional  The Moths flying over a flat Poppy when l tried it did not look good so this is why l suggest we go for 2 stamped images. As soon as you have stamped dip the impression right away into your embossing powder 'tub'. I have a few of my mostly used powders kept in those lock tight tubs. its a lot easier to just dip it right into the tub than have to take the top of a tube.. empty the contents onto the stamped image and then having to re-cant the contents back into the tub.

The next few images show the methods used while colouring the Poppy tag. As you can see after i had stamped the poppy and embossed it i also did the same with some imagery at the base. This was again embossed after stamping. On a scrap tag i kept note of what colours i used so that if i wanted to re-visit this project again i knew what colours were used.

By highlighting the Poppy with some Glitter and Glossy Gel pens you can give just that extra hint of 'sparkle'!

Here you can see the finished layers needed to build up the Poppy Tag. All thats needed is to 'distress' the edges using various Distress Ink Pads.

Taking the 2nd tag all i did was to randomly stamp all over it using the 'Stamp' image that was in the stamp set. Then just using the one ink saturate the tag and allow to dry.

After securing the Poppy Tag on to the sheet of paper taken from a Old Book the tag was then distressed using the Distressing Ink Pads. 

i also did the same treatment to the paper die cuts so that they fitted in with the way that the distressed look. Even thought i did not use them they are left for another project.

Cutting out 3 strips of plastic needed to fix the Moths to the tag. i wanted to do this so that the Moths looked as if they were hovering over the Poppy.

Using the double sided tape i secured the plastic strips onto the stamped out images. To make the plastic strip ready to secure just fold over at one end as shown in the photo below.

Plastic folded to secure Moths~Butterflies.

By cutting down and then securing behind the backing tag the Moths~ Butterflies look as if they are doing what i wanted them to do. You can take this concept to almost any project when you want to lift an object from the base.

if you have any questions please send me a message and i will get back to you a.s.a.p.
Thanks for taking an interest in my blog and i hope you will pop back and explore the blog further. Hope to hear from you soon.

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