Tuesday, 9 April 2013


i hope that you all don't mind me in stepping back from my crafting world and then have a rant over what i find so ANNOYING!

While watching a certain shopping channel that sells crafting products, even the MALE people who bring us crafting products into the wonderful world of crafting keep saying LADIES! then when challenged with 'AND MEN' by the presenter they then say Oh 'AND MEN' then not 30 seconds later they are back saying LADIES.

Do they want to stop men from joining in this wonderful world that has helped me through so many dark moments. When l felt that l didn't have a friend in the world my crafting was always there to help me get away from those feelings even for a short period of time.

So im now going to make a stance....

im now not going to buy a product where the person promoting a product keeps saying 'LADIES'
Some may say that this is a futile stance however i feel its very important to recognise that there are a lot of male crafters out there.

Okay Tuesdays Rant over with. Back to normal and back to my crafting....

Take care and have a wonderful week ahead one and all.


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  1. Hi Alan, I have been wondering where you have been. Now I see I missed a few of your post, I have to catch up! Thanks so much for your email it was very nice. I totally agree with you, they should talk to the CRAFTER.
    I love the work you did on the bees. TISSUE PAPER! Thanks so much for the tip! I bought a long canvas because it told me to take it home but wasn't sure how to get the images on it. I used tissue paper on some tiles for the people who were having problems stamping directly onto the tile. I just hope we can keep our bees busy and alive. I studied every picture. Now I got to go see your posts I missed. Vicky


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