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This is one of the most simplest projects i have done when it comes to 'stamping'. We sometimes think that we have to colour in everything or we give the image a treatment. Sometimes by just adding a little colour to one or two places is all that's needed.

This is one of those projects. The backdrop [will talk more about that later] is as you can see highly coloured, bright and very 'in your face' so an image that if fully coloured would clash and it would just look a total mess.

There is a new range of Eastern Themed stamps from one of my fav. Stamp designers Lynne Perrella. They are full of Eastern Promise so they say. i am very impressed with them and they are a little detour from the normal style.

The stamp set i have used is called LPC021 by LYNNE PERRELLA from PaperArtsy. These and a very impressive collection of other stamps and materials are available from THATS CRAFT ON LINE STORE.

A4 White Stamping Card.
A4 Dark Gold Mirror Card.
Archival Ink - Jet Black.
Selection Water Bases Colouring Pens such as Aquamarkers - Tim Holtz Distress Markers - ZIG.
Water Filled Brushes.
Flesh Coloured Water based Paint.
Eco-Friendly Acrylic Paint - Aged Gold.
Geli Plate plus a collection of Acrylic Based Paints.
Ranger Melt Pot plus Gold Thick Embossing Powder.
2 Medical Glass Slides.
Selection of Glitter Pens.
Gold Border Peel Off's.
Craft Mat.
Steel Edged Ruler.
Craft Knife.
Print from the GELI Plate.


This project was built upon something that i had done while playing with my GELI Plate. This is a wonderful but i have to warn you a highly addictive part of your crafting arsenal. i have to warn you that before you start 'pulling prints' you have to make a lot of space free to place your prints. This backing paper was produce by layering several layers.

Here is the final print that i made. You may be able to pick out that i have used large bubble wrap as the image on the layers of prints.
Setting up the Geli Plate is not cheap however you can start off by just using a small collection of acrylic paints. Look at your colour table and that you can build up colour by mixing other colours like yellow and blue make a green. So along with the Geli plate a small collection of acrylics like Yellow, Blue, Red, White and Black. If you can also add a gold, silver and Bronze.

One more thing... Collect as many thing as you can that makes an impression, if you're luck enough to own a electronic die cutting machine then cut out shapes so that you have a wide collection of Masks.

Then when you can afford it buy some of the larger templates. BUT REMEMBER start off small and build your collection up. Your GELI Plate is going to be a wonderful addition to your crafting. You're going to be able to amend papers you already have. Change simple brown wrapping paper into something special, YOU WILL BE CREATING YOUR OWN ART!

Now then back to the project. After i had stamped out the main image i selected what i was going to use. in the end all l opted for was a Red, Gold and Flesh colours.

By just keeping to a simple colour palette the final project would look clean.

 With just the addition of the Glitter Gell Rolls Pens you can add highlights. This is something that you can't do when you're printing your paper. You can lay down large areas of 'Glitter' but you can't control thin fine lines

After printing the inclusion to the medical slides. This was done by using the same red that the flower had been coloured in. This was then cut out and secured between the glass sheets.

To seal the glass sheets together the Melting Pot was used. This was something that i saw Hel's do and if there is anything you need to know on how to use the melt pot i suggest you visit her web site. [ ]. Also visit y-Tube and type in Melting Pot. Like all crafting procedures there are lots of clever crafters out there that are willing to share their skills with you.

The last thing i had to do was place a gold line as a edger. i never thought i would dip into my peel offs and use one of them on my projects. So i guess we do use EVERYTHING that we buy in the end.

All that was left to do was to secure the printed image onto some Dark Gold mirror card and then using a sharp craft knife trim around leaving a small margin around the white card.

There we have it a project that was built up from experimenting with a GELI Plate and then building up on what i had done while experimenting  Don't throw away any of your 'Testers' as they can be used again and built upon.

Any questions you would like to know about what you may have seen or read on this or other of my blog posting then please send me a message and i will respond a.s.a.p.


  1. Oh wow Alan, that is one stunning card I love the colour choice those feathers are just gorgeous, you really are talented. hugs Shirleyxxxx

  2. I want to come over to your house and play, you have all the new toys! I haven't seen (in real life) the GELI Plate. I love your background. I like the stickers for the edging, those I have :) I like idea of the melting pot for the slides, I usually use metal tape. Thanks for sharing.
    Vicky Briggs


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