Thursday, 23 May 2013


i am lucky enough to be a member of the design team for SPLODEAWAY. Tom and Susan who own and run the company have allowed me to be as creative as l want to be using their products. SplodgeAway also have a very good up to-date SPLODGEAWAY BLOG show casing all the work that's been done by the members of the SplodgeAway Design Team, along with lots of tips and tricks when using their products.

As a 'NEWBIE' to the wonderful world of Altered Art im always looking at ways i can be creative and use whatever materials, equipment or what ever road i want to go down to be as creative as i can or want to be.

For this project i used a mask called COG HEART. its a mask in the SteamPunk style and can be very useful in a wide range of projects. So i can highly recommend that if your wanting to have a heart mask thats a little out of the ordinary then this is definitely one that should be added to your crafting arsenal.

For the base i used a cheapo 12 x 12 inch canvas. This was then prepared with Gesso. This is something i do with all my canvases as it takes wet mediums as well as dry very well and allows the movement of mediums. i never buy expensive canvases always dip into the 'cheap as chips stores'.

Using the Heart Mask i started to lay down a layer of Plaster of Paris using the heart mask. Then when the plaster had dried using several different hues of brown i started to lay down some colour. The final touches of colour was a bright gold just to give highlights.

About 9 months ago while i was going through that wonderful encyclopedia of knowledge called y-Tube i came across a rusting compound that was being used on model car making. i was very intrigued and had to have some in my crafting box. i didn't know why or when i would be using it it was that crafters curse...... i MUST HAVE THAT NOW!!!!!

The only downside to using this form of 'colouring' is that you have to use a white Vinegar  as you may have guessed you need a well ventilated room to use this, and i'm not talking about just a few drops the spritz bottle was filled to the top  and then empty when i had finished.

After apoprox 30 minutes you start to see the iron compound thats used starts to turn into a rust. This will darken over the process of a day. When i was happy with the result like all my canvases a layer of mat finish is then placed all over the canvas. This will act as a protective layer so that it can be cleaned with a dry cloth if you're happy with the result and its then you want to place it in your home or give your art piece to someone.

If there is anything you would like to know about this project or any that you have seen while visiting my blog then please send me a message and i will get back to you a.s.a.p.


  1. Hi Alan, This canvas is amazing. I can't believe it started from Plaster of Paris and a cheapo canvas! I love all the texture and the colour. That mask is a must, it's not your ordinary heart shape, I love it. I only just found your blog but will definitely be visiting again! Hugs Debbie R xx

  2. Hi Alan, What a fabulous canvas !!!!! Love the texture and colours you have used.What a fantastic blog and I now am one of your new followers .

  3. Hi Alan, What a fabulous canvas !!!! Love the texture and colours . I am one of your new followers and what a great blog .

  4. Hi Alan, oh wow congratulations on joining the splodgeway team, I know you are now in your element, stunning design, love the texture and your colour choice. hugs Shirleyxxxx


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