Monday, 16 September 2013



Challenge #19 - "String it Up" date 16th September to 29th
Sponsor : Digital Delights -
Prize: Several Digi Images of your choice
Welcome to Digital Delights, a magical place filled with my little digi creations from all walks of life. We have a wide range of digital stamps which are delivered straight to your email 24/7!! 

On i had so much fun doing this. i was able to get all 'ADULT' on myself and make a project that maybe you wont find on the bottom shelf but hopefully it wouldn't be placed on the top if you know what i mean. I hope its both Adult and its also fun.

Fun is something that we sometimes loose sight of when we are making cards and we are scared to maybe dip into that 'Blackpool Seaside Postcard' side of doublon tundra.

So thats what the main image on the front of the card is a little on the ...... [make your own words up here lol] but its just a cartoon character its not meant to cause any offence, also the wording has to be connected someway with the image itself.

I made this project so that we can have a laugh, to me its a male card, they don't all have to have a Pint of Beer.. not all men like sports and if any thing like me a car is a car.. you switch it on it goes.. it runs out of petrol you will your drive on again.

So every now and then dip into this wonderful world of 'Blackpool Seaside Humour'. Its harmless, fun and its never meant to cause an offence to anyone. [fingers crossed] 


  1. I think it's a great card! And I can think of a lot more men this would be suitable for than cars, lol.
    I really enjoy making male cards, and I've been thinking about investing in some images like this. Have you any recommendations as to where I'd find some good ones? x

  2. Thanks for the comments its very much appreciated. I have found several companies that provide digital downloads. However:

    Kenny K:

    Where this image was bought and as several others that i have used in projects does have a nice large 'Male Friendly' images collection. They are well worth looking at. Also another good company is:


    let them know that Alan from asw crafting sent you l don't know if you will get a discount but i have done work for them in the past and are on this blog.

    Hope your lucky in your searches and find what your looking for. If i can help please send me a message.
    Happy crafting

    1. Thank you Alan, I shall definitely check it out! x

  3. Hi Alan, love what youve done with this image, and the sentiment is fabulous to. hugs Shirleyxxxxx


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