Wednesday, 13 May 2015


Well then after being away for a while l thought it was about time l sorted out this blog...

Its been a like l said a while so a lot of my work has been published on another web site/blog kinda page so what lm going to do is just put links on here so that your able to just click away and look at what l have been doing while l have been away from this blog page.

Well what's been happening?

For 1 l have started to make a lot more videos and even have my own y-tube video channel which lm very proud of. Then l have been doing a lot more digital creations and trying my best to spread the word.. If you would like to have a look at some of my videos then please CLICK HERE ON THIS LINK

To have a look at my digital creations that are on another web site please CLICK ON THIS LINK to open a new page and have a look at the digital creations.

I also have the normal website up and running that has some more information about what l have been doing CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE SITE

There is nothing wrong with digital Its the way forward, After all we all cut out things and then glue them into position. With digital its there all the time.

So much so l have been luck enough to be a member of two wonderful digital artists..

Deb's from DKERKHOF [XQUIZART] and Holly from Holliewood Designs.

Below are all the links you will need to pop over and have a look around.

DKERKHOF's creations:

Deb's Digital Shop.......... [LINK CLICK HERE!]
Deb's Blog.................. [LINK CLICK HERE!]


Hollies Digital Shop..........[LINK CLICK HERE]
Hollies Blog..................[LINK CLICK HERE]

To visit the main Mischief Circus Shop where you will find lots of digital artist offering their hard work and skill to us creative types.

Shop.................................[LINK CLICK HERE]

Oh and l cant forget a very supportive person who has now launched herself into the wonderful world of supplying all manner of wonderful; creating goodies.. Laura from THATS CRAFTY. She has relocated to a very impressive new location where if you go to the web site your able to have a Virtual tour so your able to see the goodies and put them in your basket when your ready...



Now then is there any more information to be shared? Oh yes there is.. I could well be having my own collection of Stencils/Masks soon available under the umbrella of Thats Crafty. So fingers crossed l will soon be seeing my designs out there on the shelf as well as in other peoples creations.... I cant wait.

Okay thats about all for now so big thanks for re-connecting with me and my blog and l hope to hear from you all soon.

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