Monday, 25 May 2015


'Mirrored' The fabulous new kit from Holliewood Studio's available NOW!
Inspired by the Jim Henson movie, 'MirrorMask' in which a young girl's drawings become a world she is suddenly living in (and oh so much more.)
You can check out the trailers for this movie here : and
It really is a visual treat!
You can get this wonderful unique kit here at the intro sale price of 20% off the regular price! Oh and it includes an alpha AND a brush set too!
I have had such a lot of fun with this kit. The landscape is just one of the landscape digital images the rest are different coloured paint samples added to give the feeling of water painting as if l was sat there on my stool outside doing the painting myself. It is that easy to make a work of art with this kit.
Its a very happy kit

The picture above was just a simple black and while illustration put into one of the backing papers that are included in the kit, Then with a graphics tablet l was able to cut or delete areas that didn't feel as if they were part of the film frame. Then with an added layer below the digital town image l took a paint brush style that was a chizzled edged one and l just coloured in using different colours not worried if the colours over lapped or went into other sections.

This project was to show how using digital elements your able to build up what is all imporpous a scrap-book page. Its my aim and hope to get more and more Fellow Creative Peeps into this style of scrap booking as its saves a lot of , glue, cutting out, having storage boxed filled with papers etc.. its all there in a folder sat on your Computer or Laptop hard drive.

This was one of the easiest digital project l HAVE EVER DONE.. All l have done here was take 2 backing papers and mixed them together and then where the paint book is selected it and then cut it out so that it was a white sheet. Then dragging and dropping 1 of the illustrations into place and enlarging it so that it filled as much of the page as possible and to make it look as if it was the right size for the paper. Then adding a new layer below this drawn illustration layer l just dragged and dropped some of the paint marks that have been provided in the Digital kit. By free handed manipulation l was able to stretch.. make smaller ,taller and thinner with each of these coloured water colour marks to make it look as if l have done a water colouring there and then while sat across a river and done the drawing myself. To finish it all l added some text in form of a letter so that it felt like l was also recording what l saw in words as well as visually.

This project was made up by dragging in several of the black and white illustrations so that l was able to build up a portrait. Then a colour wash was placed on 1 layer behind the black and white image. So that there was no illustration marks behind the womans portraiture l have to erase some of the lines that made up the 'Tower Bridge' illustration. Like one of the other art projects l added a new layer and used a paint brush much like the one in the picture and started to add colour building it up using different tones and hues. Again l was not bothered if colour went outside the lines or if there were white spaces.. It was just a portrait l had done of someone while sat outside in London and the bridge was in the background... A little artistic license with the tree but it added something to the over all picture.

Hope you like and if there are any questions please send me a message and l will respond as soon as l can.

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